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  1. @goalque how much does the nestor? looked at their site, but no pricing listed
  2. anyone seen this? http://www.netstor.com.tw/_03/03_02.php?MTE2# with 3 pcie slots it looks like it could fit a graphics card without having to bend the case or have another enclosure.... no word on pricing yet though..
  3. ok thanks will look at getting ixtron tb3 hdk
  4. looking at buying this for my arzer blade stealth, but who do you think qualifies as a 'thunderbolt developer'?
  5. The inxtron is still expensive enough for $280 but would probably work better. who do you think qualifies as a 'thunderbolt developer'? USB 3.1 has 10gbs bandwidth the same as thunderbolt, so why could it not work? I don't mean t be rude but it looks like it might work
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this egpu stuff so please forgive me if I get some stuff wrong here. I was looking for a cheap way to build an egpu. I have a razer blade stealth but the core is too expensive to ship to Ireland. while looking at bplus I saw this:http://www.bplus.com.tw/Adapter/PP1142.html, a usb type c to pcie adapter. the pcie end is male, but bplus has another product, the http://www.bplus.com.tw/ExtenderBoard/P21S-P21F.html. bplus shows how two of these can be mix and matched to form a x1 female to female adapter. from there a x1 male to x16 female adapter should be relatively cheap, such as this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PCI-E-PCI-Express-x1-To-x16-Adapter-Extender-Cable-Riser-Card-/251445767017?hash=item3a8b55eb69:g:OSwAAMXQDfdRpiXy. the below image shows an port for a sata power connector. is it possible to run an egpu through this setup
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