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  1. Anyone seen this? http://www.inxtron.com/products/thunderbolt3-hdk It's a hardware development kit for developers, you can use it to test the TB3 technology. The price is $280. I'm wondering if this would work as an eGPU
  2. Anyone interested in buying my Akitio setup? I have implemented the box into the Cooler Master 110 Elite case. Bought in February 2015. - AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box (247 euro paid, bought on 12-02-2015 invoice included, original packaging included, bought from format.de) - Cooler Master Elite 110 Case (40 euro paid, new, modded.) - Seasonic M12II Evo 520W PSU (65 euro paid, invoice included, motherboard cable not included, original packaging included.) - Revoltec 80MM Blue Led fan (15 euro paid) Everything is complete. I have sold my Macbook, so I don't have any use for this. See pictures: Postimage.org / gallery - image1, image2, image3
  3. rMBP 2013L with Akitio on Windows 8.1. I boot into a black screen a lot. I am even thinking about to sell the whole crap due this.
  4. After trying the whole day I got it working, don't ask me. The issue is still NOT resolved though. So we can conclude that the complete set is still working. I was on 10.10 when it didn't worked. Then I updated to 10.10.2, and it still didn't worked. EDIT: Still wondering why the fuck my topics are getting merged into this topic. Every topic is a new discussion, this makes it all unclear.
  5. Yes, I use the Akitio PSU to power the Akitio. And I use a PC PSU for the GPU.
  6. Hey, I was using my eGPU for a while now with a black screen some times. Now I can't even use it anymore, I can't get into Windows with the eGPU. Everytime I get the black screen. - rMBP 2013L GT750. - AKiTIO Thunder2. - GALAX GTX 970. - Windows 8.1 64-bit. - Without molex powered, without riser. Should work perfectly though. (I always booted successfully into Windows by hotplugging the TB cable right after the Apple startup sound, right before Windows starts loading.) Is there any advice? Thank you!
  7. Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to sleep my Macbook with the Akitio? As soon as I run using the eGPU the Sleep option disappears on Windows. The eGPU is preventing this, is there any hack for this? Regards
  8. Thanks, I already ordered a new 107C to fix this. Only this component was damaged, everything else is OK.
  9. Yes, do you have any idea what type of chip/condenser this was? I can't read it anymore, I might try to solder a new component on it. Thanks!
  10. Phantron, could you tell me which one of these cables must be connected to a yellow molex cable? I think I confused them, now my Akitio is burned and damaged However, I still want it this way. Thanks
  11. I got it working now, I went from 100 to 1222 with Unigine benchmarks. Still wondering about nvidia settings, what should I do with CUDA? I can select both the 750M and 970. Also Physx? Any idea? Thanks! Update: After soldering two cables on the jackplug rearside I connected it wrong on the 12V molex, I confused the + and -. Look what happened: That's the end of the story lol...
  12. I have tried it today with a new Corsair PSU. Everything works fine. But randomly when I start my macbook I get a blackscreen (and no startup sound). So conclusion; sometimes it works and sometimes not. I also tried to start using alt and then plug in the TB cable, wait for a few minutes and select Windows, then the boot selection menu freezes. Anything I missed so far?
  13. I really like this product and the combination of a 14 inch notebook. The cheapest 14 inch comes with a dissapointing i5 U processor which would be the bottleneck.
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