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  1. The psu is a xfx 450w with 34amps on the 12's, not used brand new. Mbp retina 13 i5 2,7 8gb ram the gpu is a gtx 780 i have two risers on, might be the risers?
  2. @enano all the drivers i've tested don't work, i don't know anymore, any suggestion? Is pissing me off really.
  3. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2232012/gtx-780-crashes-high-load.html they're saying might be a audio driver issue. no luck for me today my game just crashed
  4. @xorgal i lowered the power limit to 70%, and i tested it on most wanted 6 hours today (i skipped work) no crashes i have 362.00 on
  5. @xorgal yeah sometimes crashes sometimes is wonderful,@goalque solved with an older driver i'm going to test it with a lower power limit.
  6. Hi, if you see an high peak load and then it crashes might be a driver issue
  7. @goalque yeah hi, is amd driver more stable? Maybe with the new xconnect driver it will, give it a try
  8. @enano i lowered the power target to 75 and Windows didn't crash, just crashed the game, i'll keep testing maybe i've found the answer.
  9. I've tested 2 hours the 362 is working great
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