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LoL vs Dota


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dota... There's no point in compairing the graphics, they are just different. Gameplay on the other hand can be compared and LoL is just a semplified version of dota under all aspects (can't deny , don't lose gold on death , now with the +1 gold for supports you don't even need to last hit, creeps in the jungle are easier , no runes so no need to control the whole river, etc...). I think it's a matter of taste , but i prefer doto :D

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Well they are completely different games with completely different mechanics extended past basic MOBA Mechanics.

I'd play both honestly, but it's the kind of game that you get heavily invested in even though really all you're gaining in a game like this is experience and not... you know... levels in WoW or something.

Dota 2 is certainly more hard to get into, the mechanics are much more in depth.

League of Legends to me seems to be a more champion mechanics type of game while Dota 2 focusses more on knowing what the heck you're doing, strategies.

For me, the best way to explain Dota 2 would be like... League of legends, but everything is multiplied by 10. You have so much control, but you have to know what you're doing with it and not... for instance, stun your entire team for 5 seconds accidentally.

Right now the reason I'm playing League of Legends is simply because of how many of my friends play it.

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It's useless discussing, haha.

Each person has him or her own taste, so we can enjoy anything we want to play.

In my case, my country's the most popular game is League of Legends.

So, I'm playing LOL with my many real friends (not on-line friends).

But, all is well... except one that manner of user.

The most of players of LOL are low-age people like a elementary school or middle school students.

They DON'T have any manner for game.

And they hide in the mask of anonymous, and say a lot of bad words and even went so far as to disgrace my parents.

This is the reason that I have played LOL with ONLY my friends.

Except this one, I'll vote LOL to the best on-line game.

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