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  1. buzing I unlocked my Y400 750m SLI version and overclock it!
  2. OMG!!! It really works on my 750M SLI !! Then, May I also turn on "NVIDIA Shield steaming"?
  3. Of course we already know many defects and advantages of laptop. However, I don't know many things to laptop and desktop, I think. So, I want to share some advantages and defects Gaming laptop's advantage 1. All-in-one (It's the best advantage, I think !) 2. We can carry it. 3. More power efficiency. 4. Very quiet cooling system. 5. If we compromise an option, we would play almost games. 6. Convenient A/S. 7. There are no High-frequency waves. (When I used 280X, I can here it when I play a 3D game) 8. We can sell it more easier than desktop. 9. We can enjoy more space. Gaming laptop's disadvantage 1. More expensive than desktop. 2. Too hard to upgrade. 3. Non-overclockable (Downclock, too). 4. When we play a game, we can't decrease a temperature easily. (It's directly connect to life span of device) 5. By an angle of laptop screen, we can be hurt our neck. (Turtle neck syndrome) I want to know more things. And I'm using my laptop like a desktop now. It's... perfect!
  4. kibumm

    LoL vs Dota

    It's useless discussing, haha. Each person has him or her own taste, so we can enjoy anything we want to play. In my case, my country's the most popular game is League of Legends. So, I'm playing LOL with my many real friends (not on-line friends). But, all is well... except one that manner of user. The most of players of LOL are low-age people like a elementary school or middle school students. They DON'T have any manner for game. And they hide in the mask of anonymous, and say a lot of bad words and even went so far as to disgrace my parents. This is the reason that I have played LOL with ONLY my friends. Except this one, I'll vote LOL to the best on-line game.
  5. It looks like SLI system. I'm also using SLI, but it disappointed me... a little bit. A benchmark program can use SLI or CF 99%, but in real, I live in Korea, many online games not support SLI or CF. So, if I have a chance to get 980M SLI or 980, then I will choice 980 notebook Hmm... Am I miss the point what you want to say? If that is true... Sorry for my bad English
  6. GTX 980 in notebook?! I can't imaginable that, LOL. Nvidia introduced it in their site, but I think it will be too expensive to buy However, it will be "the best" gaming laptop
  7. WOW!! than, ultrabook will be more powerful than now. Defacts of ultrabooks are low-end iGPU, but if 3.1 supports eGPU, ultrabooks can carry it easily, and our home, It will transform to gaming book. LOL
  8. Terminator genisys, Veteran, Jurassic World''' and etc!
  9. It looks we can use more powerful eGPU in future!
  10. Lenovo Y400 i7 - 3630QM RAM 8GB, GT 750M X2 (SLI) Additional monitor : 23ET63 LG Multi-touch monitor. and no Desk PC (I sold it 1 week ago).
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