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  1. i will give it another try. for now im using my old 680m i don't know how i would fry my vrams im not over clocking it and im running nvidia inspector set to temp limit at 65C so it downclocks when ever it reaches that temp. thanks for the reply.
  2. hi guys got a bit of a serious problem here so any help is much appreciated. while i was browsing the internet my screen suddenly turned black, so i restarted my laptop then for some reason it used the onboard gpu of my mother board. i restarted again and it didn't change anything. so what i did was i run DDU and clean un-install the gpu then re-install the gpu driver again. but its not letting me re-install the gpu driver for some reason it keeps on showing me this. http://s108.photobucket.com/user/ennix4690/media/force%20driver%20failed_zpsbxsxt0be.jpg.html http://s108.photobucket.com/user/ennix4690/media/2failed_zpsti0n5kdf.png.html the screen was showing some flickering too unfortunately i wasn't able to include it on the screen shot. i was using the 353.00 PEG mode with prema's bios CLEVO_8GB_GTX980M_OC_PM_v1.1.1 for months now ever since i bought the gpu and this is the 1st time i had encountered this problem. any help/ response are greatly appreciated especially right now that im lost and don't what to do. Thanks. System M17xR4 120 hz pannel using Nvidia GTX980m 8gb non optimus
  3. anyway or any instructions on how to flash this on UEFI mode? been searching the forums and google for answers but no luck.. as of now im using premas vbios for 980m which is easy to install by just clicking it and its working great but i still experience a bit of shut down or trotting i want to give this a try since i saw a forum post that this mod offers more stability for longer period use especially for gaming. thanks -edit- also when i tried dragging the vbios on the mnvflash.exe its gave me the "simplified version for OEM only" when i did this with gpu disabled as instructed it gave me an error that was too fast i coudnt even read it lol
  4. got it finished with the positioning of thermal pads, i used copper pads to because for some reason my thermal pads on the black chips isnt touching the heat sink... temp was reduced from 75C to 67C still high but atleast its not that high... what is the highest temp a 980m can handle btw im curious.. thanks for your help and hard work - - - Updated - - - yah it depends on where your testing it. on my gpuZ stats i was testing it on FFXIV everything at max on a DX11 Client so the stress on the card is super heavy lol...
  5. ohhh ok but its pretty abnormal for me cause the temp sky rockets @ 75C is that normal too? thanks for the reply usually it freezes when it reach 75c + temps thats what im worried about. and my ASIC score isnt that high either..
  6. thank u im currently trying the fix now.. notice tho for some reason my gpu automatically goes to 1.075V! which is too high i already tried lowering it using nvidia inspector but for some reason it goes back ....
  7. win 8.1 and yes sir non optimus thanks for asking i forgot to put that on my post -------edited----- ill try older nvdia drivers too to check just to be sure dont wanna risk on frying my 980m
  8. Hi guys just wondering if someone would mod a Nvidia driver for me if thats ok. im using gtx980m currently using driver 353.12 which is a bit buggy for ff14 causes it to randomly freeze i need something higher than what i have or prolly the latest one my hardware ID is : PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D7&SUBSYS_057B1028&REV_A1 thank you to someone who will do it
  9. Hi guys need help ASAP. keep having problems with installation of 980m on my M17xR4, i got the unlocked A11 Bios and already have this following settings UEFI enable + legacy boot Disable + fast boot Disabled + security boot Disabled. i also got the GPU on PEG mode and i already tried enabling and disabling the integrated graphics. so far the results arent pleasing the laptop keep on using the on board GPU, i already tried putting my 680m and installed M17xR4_05511028_9xxM_358.50 then swapped back to my GTX980m but still no success. i dont know what to do anymore or what im doing wrong. my m17xR4 are using the following: Windows 8.1 in full UEFI +unlocked A11 bios + 120 HZ 3d monitor non optimus. any response or answers will be helpful please thank you.
  10. how come i cant install the a10 bios on my m17xr4 keeps on telling me invalid frimware.. Edited-- i tried doing blind flashing keeps telling me error 28 protected range users any tips how to by pass this? i need the unlocked bios badly to install GTX980m on my m17xr4 thanks 2nd Edit-- weeew noob mistake guys i forgot to run prr2 before flashing. A11 works fine now thanks
  11. guys i need help badly and really fast. so i insert the card and it game me 8 beeps so i restarted it and the display works, but when i went to my device manager i saw my m17xr4 was using the microsoft gpu instead of the gtx980m im using a 120hz monitor with win8.1 installed as a UEFI mode GPT partition with legacy boot off + windows 8 speed start up off + secure boot off. and when i look at the bios it said that display:Nvidia GFX fast response is very much appreciated thanks guys --------Edited------ tried with moded bios running the gpu on PEG mode and i installed the drivers M17xR4_05511028_9xxM_358.50 while on my gtx680 then swapped back to gtx980m still the laptop uses the inboard gpu.. damn its driving me nuts --edit-- got it fix thanks to those who help
  12. guys need help for some reason when i run my bions in UEFI mode with legacy boot disabled my main laptop monitor end up being not recognize for some odd reason, which requires me to use my external monitor i dont know how to fix this im using GTX680m by the way. if i unplug my external monitor while on UEFI mode the laptop gives me 8 beeps.
  13. hi guys so im planning on buying a Acer GN246HL as my external monitor so how do i set this up to run @144 HZ the display port available for this monitor are only DVI, VGA and HDMI and my m17xr4 has a mini DP. so would a DVI to mini DP converter work to reach 144hz or do i need a Dual link converter? answers are appreciated thanks. Edited~ Im gonna be using GTX980m which is on the way.
  14. i'm a bit late but its better than never lol. thanks~
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