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  1. Last time i bought used notebook MSI GT70 (older version with I7-3610QM processor) i sometimes i have little internet connection issues. It apperas only during playing online games (LOL ). I lose connection for like 30 seconds (i can see little shoutbox on the screen that says: "attempting to reconnect"). After this time everything is normal again. Does anyone had this problem?
  2. I do sometimes, but Lol is better since you have a wide choice of servers, so you can play with people from your area/country. It's a great solution for me ! On the other hand Dota is just awesome. It's still very similar to old good Warcraft 3 mode and that's why it will always be in my heart. So yes! I play from time to time. It's kind of sentimental
  3. Is anyone still listening to Gangnam style? It still makes me laugh
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