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Alienware M17r5 Unlocked Menu

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I can unlock it, but the only way to flash it will be by soldering the bios chip / directly programming it.

If you're interested I can sell you a chip with an unlocked bios on it.

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я могу его разблокировать, но единственный способ мигать будет пайкой чипа BIOS / непосредственно программирования его. Если вы заинтересованы, я могу продать вам чип с разблокированным биос на нем [. / QUOTE]

And a programmer can sew? if yes, how much is the file? desirable A14

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Can I know why there is a need for the soldering method while the older revisions have a straight forward flashable process...??

Thanks !

Edit : I think I've found it here



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