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  1. This GPU has certain things that are not proper 3.0b MXM spec. Look at the chokes (grey squares), vrms in b/w and the positions of them w.r.to your machine's heatsink. Here, check this for AW17 HS comparison.
  2. Wow, Seeing the old machines shining brighter than the castrated BGA crap is really feast. Kudos for the Hardmod and Gratz..!! Thanks for the share..
  3. Update from NBR - A 1070 GPU that Exists in proper full 3.0b MXM spec @J95 It's an M17x R4 you might be interested friend.
  4. Yeah very bad, But seems like the Quadro is also affected lel. Nvidia really worst at delivering the drivers nowadays it's more of a 99% miss.
  5. Wanted to move to a stable driver newer one, from 369.05 I moved to 373.06 and I get Black screen boot and then machine reboots all over and then it boots successfully says PC ran into a prob checking the dmp file shows the nvlddmkm.sys / ntsokrnl (wmiacpi - this one is new one i noticed after 4th time of failure never saw it again tho), which error happened . Anyone with AW17 R1 could replicate this ? Running SVL7 vBIOS. Edit : Tried Prema v2 vBIOS, same issue, tried the driver 375.63 same issue with both vBIOSed. Tried disabling the Win8.1 fastboot no change, always happens when I shut the system down and start, with restart doesn't happen, A huge PITA T__T. Win8.1 something is happening with the new drivers...!! Edit2 : Weirdly after disabling the hiberfile using powercfg.exe -h off it boots (the reboot causing the system to boot everytime after that shutdown is because of the messed up hiberfil, wow ngreedia & I disabled the fast boot in BIOS it doesnt but the admin cmd does disable the fast booting properly wtf ? ) Keeping that aside, So what's the issue with the Hiberfile.sys on these new drivers ? They don't allow what ? Dafuq Nvidia shenanigans did omg !! Trying the notebook drivers this time.. EDIT 3 - Posted at Nvidia forums.
  6. @J95, @Khenglish There's a new 1070N 3.0b that's better to go for rather than the MSI's 1060 MXM3.0b for the standard legacy machines. Apologies if It's posted already.. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-hopeful-of-keeping-mxm-3-0b-alive-thread.795048/page-40#post-10384104 But No idea on the availability at NBR or on market, Hope It makes it to us...
  7. For 60Hz First get Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 installed under full UEFI, make sure you have AW OSD to switch Optimus / PEG modes. Second flash a vBIOS from Device mngr in optimus mode, Prema mod v2.0 / svl7 How to flash ? - Disable the GPU from Devicemngr after booting to the Optimus mode & follow these steps below... 1 - As I've said, see the zip and go through readme, there should be a bat file called modme.bat copy the commands from it, and rename the vBIOS to the same one in the cmd or issue the command wr.to the name of the vBIOS you set this depends on you, Run the command from Admin privileges cmd (Modme.bat, wont execute depending on your OS and file permissions so best way is to run it manually) Third switch to PEG mode, get an INF mod (PEG INF only), preferably from this thread (Need to disable driver sign verification. Install this driver in PEG mode) For 120Hz I presume, No need to use the IGFX switch, Just go to the Devicemngr and disable the card, then flash and reboot and then Install the INF modded driver from this thread, J95 always ! Also make sure to use DDU to uninstall properly, I use this everytime when I need to update or rollback or clean OS installations. I'll also leave this here for all the Alienware 17 Owners who want to upgrade to a Maxwell GPU, Also this post too as a safety precaution for the MSI-AB and EVGA PX for all LVDS machines (60Hz) Also check NBR for these similar threads (375.86 & 375.76 ) to get most out of your GPU without any perf loss. For now stable one seems to be 373.06, I personally use 369.05 for now since I don't have newer games than DOOM but the BF1, Mirrors Edge Catalyst might need new Drivers like the 375.76..\ Hope this clears out, Best of Luck.
  8. Check your temps & check this thread at NBR too. https://biosmods.wordpress.com/gtx9/ Use Either of them and to Flash use the Premamod zip and copypasta or have a look at those commands from the batch files and flash them by going to Devicemngr and disabling them and after flash enable them, No need for the BIOS Legacy Flashing, Maxwell can be flashed from the Windows.
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/5b9hdo/nvidia_adds_telemetry_to_latest_drivers_heres_how/d9mw9f0/ http://www.ghacks.net/2016/11/07/nvidia-telemetry-tracking/ http://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/2672-geforce-experience-data-transfer-analysis http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/nvidia-telemetry-in-their-latest-drivers.797846/ @J95 At first they got with GFE 3.x and now they are being packed with the sole driver package as well. Sigh !! first Windows10 and now nGreedia as well...
  10. OK, a full noobie question here, didn't this video of Mr. Fox and having talks with Unclewebb back then, the current limit throttle that's on Skylake was just a left over kinda thing and the video also states that Prema's BIOS update fixed that ? Couldn't find the posts, as it was long back.
  11. Guys, chill that's an MSI 1070 card (QS), It was posted here long back and even before that the MSI 16L1 barebone was there a.k.a Eurocom Tornado F5 now, Yes it does have the LGA socket and green mobo as opposed to black mobo with the new MSI machines, Also that card won't fit normal 3.0b mxm machines, dremel needed, with eDP LCD display, vBIOS & finally a EC hard mod for now on GPU (Again everything was posted by Prema here) to make them even work with P7,8 3 series & rest 3.0b MXM machines. Also to let you know in case you've missed check the OP - 1060 MSI QS card with proper 3.0b mxm size, everything above applies to any Pascal upgrade on a Maxwell HW, wondering why ? Ngreedia !!
  12. @Prema, Any thoughts on this cooling gimp with P775DM2/3 Post@NBR Post@NBR Also the fans seems to look small vs the old 60mm fans, Though they are 12v ones..edit : And thick blades vs the old thin.
  13. @Prema, I know this is not a good question at this busy time but just to clear out ambiguity, The EC signal that BIOS needs to fire the cards can it be done from a vBIOS ? or an sBIOS mod/update is a must ? If its the latter then we all Alienware owners can stop thinking about getting that 1060/Pascal cards once and for all. Thank you.
  14. Yeah, Was reading all the pascal threads..from my knowledge I think 870DM can take 2 MSI 1070 in SLI and one 1080 Clevo *Prema magic*, He was saying Pascal needs some EC signal to respond with the card else wont fire..also the eDP LCD. I think this Pascal refresh behind scenes were well planned by these corporates, First stab at the MXM3.0 form factor and the Unusual form factors and the real DT chips with gimped performance due to multitude of reasons as we know, very bad move honestly, all the previous HW can easily handle these new cards but they released so many new machines with BGA for more than 980M performance starting with 1060 powered Razer Blade which will throttle for sure as throttleboost3.0 is at work... Don't want to deviate too much, Apologies but here's this MXM 1060 (The URL shows 16L1 which is an MSI barebones/Eurocom Tornado F5 with LGA), which proves the Pascal can be designed with 3.0b afterall but they did that on purpose all those 1070 MSI's (idiotic corner tab) and Clevo pushing all the way to different design But hope they keep their faith next time if they fail us again then they are nothing less than Alienware, Still I'm worried more about HBM2... Congos on the powerful machine anyways, We can make use of it much more than they expect , For the INF, vBIOS mods If it's wasn't you and Prema & swick so many people would have succumbed to that corporate filth. Thanks again J95 keep up the good work.
  15. Waiting for the MSI 1080 & the 1060 cards, No reviews of them As of now right ?
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