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    • By StamatisX
      Netflix recently became available in 130 more countries, but unfortunately not every area is able to access all of its content. While Netflix works on licensing agreements, it will begin preventing customers from using proxies and unblockers to access more content. This move may not be a popular one from the company, as people obviously will want access to as much content as possible, but it is something Netflix says is necessary for its business.
      David Fullagar, Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture at Netflix wrote the following:
      While it's unfortunate that not all of Netflix's content can be accessed everywhere, we hope for Netflix to be able to offer all of its content to all of its customers, regardless of location.
      Source: Netflix

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    • By Brian
      Eurogamer has an article looking at the upcoming VR tidal wave that is going to land sometime later this year that promises to change the way we game forever. With VR requiring up to 7x increase in performance needed compared to a traditional gaming PC, will anyone besides the top 1% even be able to enjoy it? 
      Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-is-your-pc-really-vr-ready

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    • By Brian
      As I mentioned in the APA steam group announcement, Tech|Inferno is now the home base of the APA steam group! Every member is invited to come join us. For those that don't know about the All Powerful Alienware steam group, here's a direct link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/allpowerfulaw
    • By redrazor11
      My G/F and I bought this game during the steam summer sale due to the good reviews.
      Unfortunately, it was incredibly buggy playing over LAN. The game crashed to desktop (both client and server) without error during boss fights on multiple occasions.
      Since the game only saves per chapter (As some of you might know), this means starting the chapter all over again, which is incredibly frustrating given the lack of check points.
      We got to chapter 11 and have quit the game (haven't even touched the DLC) because we simply cannout pour another 1.5 hours into a chapter to have it crash on the boss fight.
      I've tried finding some solutions by looking at the error log file generated, but all I find is "Error, velocity set to: NAN!!!" and the steam forums don't help with this at all.
      So until that gets fixed, I cannot recommend this game.
      1) Since there is no difficulty adjustment, it's impossibly difficult to play single-player
      2) Since there are network errors, it's impossibly difficult to complete in multi-player
    • By xJavontax
      Steam Grid View Banners

      Saw a thread for this on NeoGAF, so I figured T|I could use one too since we have some talented people here who can make these as well. This thread will be used for posting Steam Grid View Banners. The latest Steam Beta allows you to add custom banners, and a lot of us are missing banners in our collections. Post yours here and share it with T|I! Someone may like it enough to use it themselves or you may help out someone who is looking to complete their collection.

      Add to this list by submitting here
      Banner Resolution must be 460x215
      Grid View Template.psd - PSD Template

      If you need a banner but don't see it here, make sure to request it. Someone may be generous enough to make one for you.
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