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    We tried both LAN and online but unfortunately both caused the same errors. Plus, since we sit next to each other the cut-scenes become off when playing online instead of LAN and it becomes incredibly annoying to have one player's narration a half second behind the other player.
  2. redrazor11


    My G/F and I bought this game during the steam summer sale due to the good reviews. Unfortunately, it was incredibly buggy playing over LAN. The game crashed to desktop (both client and server) without error during boss fights on multiple occasions. Since the game only saves per chapter (As some of you might know), this means starting the chapter all over again, which is incredibly frustrating given the lack of check points. We got to chapter 11 and have quit the game (haven't even touched the DLC) because we simply cannout pour another 1.5 hours into a chapter to have it crash on the boss fight. I've tried finding some solutions by looking at the error log file generated, but all I find is "Error, velocity set to: NAN!!!" and the steam forums don't help with this at all. So until that gets fixed, I cannot recommend this game. 1) Since there is no difficulty adjustment, it's impossibly difficult to play single-player 2) Since there are network errors, it's impossibly difficult to complete in multi-player
  3. +2. We're always looking for new games to play. I'd love to be part of a team.
  4. The G/F and I are planning on playing this shortly (downloaded and updated, but not yet played). It seems to be really popular, but we're afraid of a noob-slaughter since I've read up on the HL2 SourceMod site of all the mods that put F2P players at a disadvantage (plugins allow the moderator to pick out who's joined the game after a certain date/didn't pay for the game so they can ban and/or slay the players).
  5. redrazor11


    I was addicted to it for a short time. It's an awesome concept, but needs a little more work and direction. I found myself bored after about 30 hours into the game because you just stop digging and start thinking "okay. Whats the point again? Where is my reward for hours spent here? What am I taking away from this?" I wish it was a little more rpg-styled so that you could increase some of your 'stats' or abilities so that you had something more to work towards other than finding more rare blocks.
  6. I think it's important to recognize that Sony HIRED these people in the first place. Do they not have some kind of gauntlet of tests and/or scenario's to make sure they're competent? They should take a page out of Google's HR book, and make the interview a decathlon of events.
  7. Worms is a great game. Proof that you don't need incredibly realistic 3D graphics to have a good time. We play the Wii version .
  8. For personal use, building a desktop is the way to go. Personally, I love Antec, Corsair, and Gigabyte for most components. But from a business standpoint, my company stands strong by HP. You send them an email on the support site, and they will have your part shipped (overnighted) within 1 business day. No fuss.
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