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  1. sooo I picked up a used alienware 17 3d model to replace my old m17x r3 3d model that had the gtx580m go belly up on my after only 1 year 2 months of use. kept the old 17x and finaly upgraded it to a gtx 880m and sold it a few days ago. so I fumbled threw ebay and found a 17 r1 3d model that had great specs so I bought it. finally have hands on it and I love this thing. I have a alien 18 as well but I really wanted the 3d since I spent a lot of money investing in Blu-ray 3d movies. I love watching my movies on this thing and playing the games that are 3d vision ready which sadly are very few. so far very happy with this new 17 model and the 3d vision 2.
  2. i feel you on the 3d deal. a lot of my friends has issues with it, for some reason I didn't. I know the games that weren't rated as 3d vision ready were harder on you than the ones that were. I still use my alien 17 for 3d especially for movies. the blue ray 3d type. they had the oculus rift demo at quake con a few years back in Dallas Texas. It was a really cool experience it took a few minutes for my brain to adjust to what was going on lol. after that it was all good. the only draw back I really see is software for it aka games. there wasn't a real game on demo to me. it was some sim thing they developed to show it off. as far as that 1% deal 970's and 900 series gpus are the standard from what I see. everyone I game with own i7's and at least a gtx 970 or multiple and better. so not to sure where that 1 % thing is coming from. this new tech will only be viable in my eyes if they actually launch it with real games not gimic games. I would like to see some battlefield or call of duty on that thing, but will not drop the 600 plus asking price for that kit without any real world titles to play that are actually built for it. cause the non 3d vision games run like poop and hurt your head and eyes.
  3. there seems to be no unlocked bios for the 18's, but the new a12 bios from dell give the laptop support for the 900 series cards without having to modify the drivers to work. but I will say this windows 10 and alienware 18 with NVidia sli seems to be all types of jacked up. the computer under windows 10 in uefi bios lets you install your gpus and they run for a few weeks before you start having sli issues. it seems to have killed two of my gpus under sli. it damages the main card after a few weeks of use. I have since down graded back down to 8.1 and waiting on my rma from eurocom to come back to I can put the second card back in to do sli again but the one 980m I have left is running great under 8.1. could be why if you go to the alienware web sight there is no option to have windows 10 installed from there. all the other models have that option to just have 10. I have been doing a lot of reading and searching and back and forth with woodzstack trying to figure out what the deal is with windows 10 and duel sli gtx980m's. I have had one set now work at all in the machine and my second set started having massive issues and caused damage to my gpus under windows 10 in sli.
  4. hey guys I have been going threw the forums trying to find out if there are any unlocked bios for the alienware 18's or by chance to the unlocked bios for the m18x's work on the 18's. any help on this information would be greatly appreciated. I am having issues getting a sli gtx980m kit I purchased from ebay to work. I am being told I may need an unlock bios but i have never herd of any unlocked bios for the 18's. i look forward to hearing from someone.
  5. hey hans123 I know for sure you can flash the new A12 bios to your older 18, and this bios is suppose to give your alien 18 Maxwell support. I am currently attempting an upgrade myself to duel 980m's but seem to have bought some bad gpu's. the system doesn't want to recognize them in bios. so just go to dell download the new bios and run the flash program its pretty straight forward.
  6. thanks for the reply j95, so I guess I should get a copy of windows 8.1pro until that lcd screen madness is fixed. going to the Microsoft now to get a copy.
  7. hey guys do these modified inf files and drivers work for windows 10? I am going to attempt this upgrade again tonight since it seems my gtx 880m's don't want to work anymore since I went to uefi bios and windows 10. I bought a full version of 10 pro 64 just for this upgrade. so anyway are these viable drivers I can use with 10? thanks for the help. I will make a sig with my systems in the mean time trying to upgrade my alien 18, 4810mq, 32 gb ripjaw, 120 msata ssd mushkin, 2x 1tb Seagate xlt's hybrids in raid 0, and hopfully gtx 980m's sli. all drives formatted to gpt and bios set to uefi. so fingers crossed I guess. paid a mint for this 980m sli kit would hate not to use them at this point.
  8. just so I can understand for sure what im reading on this post I literaly have to manually add the .inf file to the driver so the alien can use the driver? since all the new drivers do not include the required nvdi.inf file needed by alien. is this correct? I gave up here for a sec and put the old gtx 880's in just so I can play and now the 880's don't want to work properly. did a clean windows install of 10 pro and went back to windows 7 as well still having the same issue. the laptop lets me load the NVidia driver then after reboot looses one of the gpus and can only see one. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, getting ready to loose my mind lol. if what I asked earlier is true I will attempt the gtx 980m sli upgrade again since I paid for the gpus and realy want to use them over the 880's seeing as how now they wont even work. madness I tell you, just pure madness I just want to playyyy!!! lol.
  9. hello Fergus, thanks for responding. the problem im having is all the new drivers I download from all the sights to include eurocom don't have the nvdmi.inf, they only have a nvdmi, with no .inf at the end of the file. I have done two other laptops an older m17x r2 that I yanked out the 260's and put a 680m in, and my old m17x r3 that the gtx 580m went bad so I replaced it with a 880m, and those drivers have the nvdmi.inf file and I modded those and they work great. getting ready to pull my hair our!!!
  10. after reading threw some of the posts I see that the alienwares seem I have to modify a different inf file. I was modifying the .nvdim one that I got from other forums not the one I see you guys talking about on this thread. could this be my problem with getting the drivers to install??
  11. hi everyone trying to do a upgrade of my gpus in my alienware 18. I have removed the two gtx 88m's and installed the new kit I bought from woodzstack of duel gtx 980m's. here is my problem now. I have ran threw all the pre workings as far as making sure im in pure uefi bios, created a bootable uefi windows 10 usb all booted well and installed. all my windows updates are in and all my drivers. the only thing I can not find is a good driver to get the gpus up and running. I have gone threw several from laptops2go and various other sights with no luck. I either get a cant find compatible hardware, or it starts and fails even with digital sig turned off. frustrated to all crap right now. any help will be greatly appreciated!
  12. hi guys looking around threw various forums trying to find a good working driver for my alienware 18, I took the 880ms out and upgraded to the gtx 980ms all is up and running but can not find a working modified driver to turn the gpus on. any help will be great. running windows 10 64 bit pure uefi, 32 gig ram 1600, m.2 muskin 120 gb ssd, 2x I tb Seagate momentus in raid 0 media drives.
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