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Watchdogs has hit a record in pre-sales. Big expectations for the 27th of May! This game is supposed to change the gaming industry as we know it. I haven't heard of any other game that could have so many new features...

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Just got Divinity OS and can recommend it heartily. Nice discount from CJD keys (half the price of steam atm). Best RPG since DA:O. Definitely got my eye on The Division, it looks amazing. Need something to scratch my space sim itch and Star Citizen can't come soon enough (sorry Elite: Dangerous but I don't think you got the chops to best $50m in crowdfunding!).

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At the time Crytek revealed Ryse: Son of Rome as an exclusive title for Xbox One at E3 2013, I thought: It looks so great, why it must be an exclusive title?!? :worked_till_5am::miserable:

However recently Ryse: Son of Rome was announced to be released on PC later this year :emmersed: With improved textures and environmental objects it looks even more stunning. Definitely a must have title for me in 2014. :glee::D The developers even think of rerendering the ingame-cutscenes in 4K and deliver it as an additional download for people, who own a 4K screen and have 120-150Gb free space on their harddrive. :welcoming::D


4K Offscreen gameplay: :P:p





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