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  1. SO, people never found out how to solve the "Sleep mode" problem did they? Also, how do you revert back to original "un-modded" BIOS?
  2. I've got my fingers crossed on The Division. Has amazing potential but could easily be just another third-person action game.
  3. So Far Cry 4 just got announced the other day! What are your thoughts on the game's setting? What new game mechanics are you hoping to experience in Far Cry 4? OR What game mechanics do you hope they expand upon from Far Cry 3? Share your thoughts!
  4. crazy to think this game almost came out 3 years ago. Time flies fast. Still haven't managed to do all I'd like to do in the game since so many other great games keep coming out. Skyrim is a timeless experience.
  5. Monaco Sonic and All Stars Racing Awesomenauts Mortal Kombat Rayman Legends Left 4 Dead 2 w/mod Castle Crashers
  6. If you don't care for MOBAs like LoL and Dota, you should try out Awesomenauts with a couple friends. It's a side-scroller, faster paced version of a MOBA. The characters are really entertaining and much easier to learn than the popular MOBAs out there.
  7. The Breakfast Club. for a classic 80s movie it's alright.
  8. yea it worked a lot faster on my SSD than HDD
  9. ahhhh yes. Don't start season 3 yet.
  10. Hey community, I just joined these forums to further learn about modded bios to allow further customization on my laptop.
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