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  1. hi, i've had a old y500 collecting dust that i refurbished and added a 2nd gt 650m to give it sli, i just around to installing windows 10 x64 the other day and decided to to set it up properly for some gaming but i can't enable sli, there's no options in the nvidia control panel. tried old drivers and new but still no sli not sure what to do, both cards show up in device manager, gpu-z and the nvidia control panel, tried to find registry enteries on the web to enable sli but came up with nothing, does anyone have a solution?
  2. can someone tell me what i have edit in the FITC tool? i know about Clock Source Select 0x00011A33 > A34, but what else needs changing?
  3. ok, here are my ME FW's; w230sd; http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/snwmU1ZT/file.html w110er; http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/8MKTI6pT/file.html p170sm; http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/7KBrLOyG/file.html maybe i'll have luck with one of them! Thank you in advance
  4. has anyone successfully enabled xtu overclocking on; p170sm w110er w230s d/x/t ? and can share their ME firmwares? i tried on my w230sd but the option disappeared after flashing. i changed 0x00011A33 > 0x00011A34 was there something else i'm meant to change? the instructions were not clear.
  5. has anyone modded the ME firmware for P170SM, W230SD or W110ER? if so can someone share their me files? tried editing the me firmware for my w230sd, reference clock was already in xtu but greyed out, after flashing it vanished.
  6. i managed to flash via the windows flasher. however the greyed out slider for reference clock in the xtu has vanished. does the overclocking on work on quad cores? mines a i5 3360m atm, but have a 3820qm on order (scored one for cheap on ebay)
  7. i recently got a 2570p and came across this thread, i tried to do the flash but it doesn't work. i get as far as typing in fpt.exe -d origbios.bin and then it says "Error 1: Memory allocation error occurred" can't backup or flash, anyone know what's up?
  8. would one of the dell vbios files work on a matching card with clevo as the brand?
  9. I've used a hand drill to get out stripped screws, takes a while but never damaged anything else.
  10. I stopped playing when dice blocked the use of colour tweaks. I hate the dull washed out visuals of bf3, other games allow you to turn off post processing effects....dice are just mean.
  11. guess i'm looking forward to; gta v far cry 4 (hope it's not repetitive like 3.) star wars battlefront ?
  12. I replaced my desktop gaming pc with a mini ITX pc. (now game on a laptop) it's about the size of a 13" laptop (length wise) it's been customized, has a massive case fan stuck on the side. specs; pentium g2120 3.1ghz 4gb ddr3 96gb sata ssd, 120gb sata ssd, 1.5tb 3.5" sata hdd hd7750 1gb gddr5
  13. rancorx2

    W230SS QHD+ screen

    doesn't it screw up your eyes having such a high resolution on such a small screen?
  14. I recently purchased a barebones used w230st from a uk retailer (though it arrived in poorish condition, dirty and missing/tight screws) managed to clean it up and drill off the heads of the screws holding the base cover shut. £412 for laptop £55 i5 4200m £110 for 128gb/120gb msata's already had some spare ram and a 1tb hdd. purchased new screws. very pleased with the little machine. installed the prema bios
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