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  1. I managed to flash my bios using the FPT tool in bios and then it unlocked the advanced tab in bios as well as the gpu is doesnt downclock/ throttle anymore. i managed to get the gpu it to 1056mhz core and 4800mhz memory and it's very stable as well. Try to undervolt your CPU if you want to increase the voltage of your GPU thou, because you might run out of power and the laptop swtches to battery when that happens. Try using the static value instead of the dynamic, it's a lot better for haswell CPU. I got my CPU stable at core voltage 0.95v which reduces heat and consumption a lot, the cpu cache voltage an the other hand won't stay stable below 1.03v. I've increased voltage of the gpu to 1078, but I am not sure if I should try to push it further, cause it might generate too much heat or damage the gpu permanently. What do you think would be the highest safe voltage for the GTX 760M?
  2. I appreciate your concern Klem, but this is a risk I have to take, because I can't get to sleep if I don't overcome that 135mhz limitation. I just bought this laptop three days ago and the only thing that I am concerned about is the lack of overclocking capabilities. I don't care about the windows activation or the Mac address. I can change the Mac address to my old one with the Dmi236.exe software right? And then I can activate my windows with an activator? What else could go wrong? And then again I'm asking what utility should I use to flash it. You seem to be the only person who could help me at the moment, thank you so much for your help! Спаси́бо
  3. I appologize about the stupid question, but which utility should we use to update the system bios with your modified AcerV.rom? Thank you very much Klem
  4. Crash time is great car game to play on a split screen. Lots of fun we've had with this game so far and it is optimized pretty well!
  5. The game is absolutely amazing, but there is one thing that ruined the whole experience for me and that is the fact that the npc's got very easy to beat after you turn level 30 from then on in gets just pointless to play...
  6. I've capped my framerate using a rivatuner's statistic center, there is a place in the global file where you could write max FPS and it won't go over that, pretty simple!
  7. Far Cry 3 was a very solid game and the DLC was just pure fan joy. If they could add even more missions and make the game a little bit longer it would be just great, and tougher enemy's off course!
  8. Watchdogs has hit a record in pre-sales. Big expectations for the 27th of May! This game is supposed to change the gaming industry as we know it. I haven't heard of any other game that could have so many new features...
  9. I just bought the V3-772G with GTX 760 and I very happy with my purchase. I would like to overclock the GTX 760M more than the 135mhz limit which I've got at the moment. Maybe mine would be able to overclock better, I'll keep you posted
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