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Does Y410p supports 1866MHz DDR3 ?


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I would like to know if I can use 1866MHz RAMs on my Lenovo Y410p like CorsairCMSX8GX3M2B1866C10 / Kingston KHX18LS11P1K2/16

Thank you in advance.

I'm using those Corsair sticks in my Y580 even though it theoretically does not support 1866. There's a significant improvement in transfer rate, but I don't think it really makes a big difference in real life. Definitely the integrated GPU will be very happy to have faster memory.

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Theoretically both the chipset and CPU support up to 1600MHz, so everything above is a gamble.

I don't think there's anything faster available than 1866MHz for mobile market. Also, the performance difference described in this article you linked to is not great and definitely not worth spending any money If you already have 8 or 16 GB of RAM.

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I recently purchased the gkill ripjaws 1866 10-10-10-32 1.35v which have their settings through jedec profile (no xmp profile), but I would concur that the only speed increase is on bandwidth benchmarks and not in real life applications. The extra cash would be better spent elsewhere

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The only good reason to buy faster memory is when you're stuck with Intel GPU, which benefits greatly from higher bandwidth

...or if you're benchmark junkie ;)

Ultrabay GPU is hard to get, but definitely worth it if you're into games. You can also consider buying SSD instead.

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