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  1. It's a nice feature but isn't at all that much better than virtual surround since what you have there are a bunch of tiny, low quality drivers on a single earcup. I'd say it may be worse than virtual surround, at least I liked the performance of the Razer Megalodon much better than the Tiamat 7.1. But, for the price, I'd go with a decent pair of Stereo Headphones plus Razer Surround or some Dolby technology for virtual surround audio.
  2. I recommend a pair of Sennheiser HD 558. It will give you real sound quality, then if you ever feel like you want the virtual 7.1 stuff, just download Razer Surround which is basically a software to make use virtual surround on any pair of stereo headphones. As for microphones, go for clip-on or anything stand-alone mic that works for you. I use the Zalman Zm-Mic1. It's not the best out there, sometimes it makes my voice sound like it's coming from far away, and I had issues with static feedback due to using a laptop with crappy mic internals, but plugged into the mic port of my USB docking station works fine.
  3. Did you use something like this? I'm interested in trying it so I can get rid of the fingerprint marks but I'm not sure I trust myself to do it properly haha How hard was it to get the edges done properly and how long did it take? Wish it'd work with the greasy touchpad, Dan
  4. Like Wujtas mentioned, get one as an addition to cleaning and repasting cpu/gpu. I recommend the ones with more features such as adjusting the laptop height, on/off button(maybe a fan adjustment button as well), adjusting the fans positions, etc. I have this one and I recommend it. Can't vouch for its durability since I've only had it for three months but so far the pad works great, keeps my Y410P cool, isn't noisy, and enables me to use the laptop monitor as a second monitor when at the workstation since it's now aligned in height with my external monitor. Dan
  5. I don't love it but I'm not having too many problems with Windows 8 so far. The issue about memory usage being way too high concerns me but the boot time is wonderful and the sidebar with settings isn't terrible. The transition to the start menu is horrible of course, but if we could have something like Windows 7, no gimmicky start menu, stable and efficient system, plus the sidebar that shows up when you move the cursor to the corner, that would be interesting. If clicking on anything on the sidebar brought in other windows on the Windows 8 style, they could be somewhat transparent and interfere less with the desktop environment. But who knows, I don't see that happening soon.
  6. Yeah, according to the Crucial website, the Y410P does support 1866Mhz memory. I was planning on upgrading too but now I'm curious. Would the difference be noticeable between a pair of 8GB 1600Mhz CL9 and a pair of 8GB 1866Mhz CL10?
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