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  1. The short answer is no. The client card in your laptop uses either the 2.4ghz or the 5 ghz channel but not both (300mbps max N 40mhz channel connection speed with real world speed closer to half that speed). The router is able to connect to devices that use 2.4 and 5 ghz at the same time. Also, I would also consider spending the equivalent money on the intel ac7260 (7260.HMWG or 7260.HMWWB) if your computer supports it, since they are about the same price with the advantage of futureproofing for 802.11ac 2x2. Both have bluetooth 4.0.
  2. For those who have upgraded their wireless to ac7260. just a reminder regarding the bluetooth.. If your bluetooth disconnects randomly, remember to disable power manangement. Power Management: Device Manager -> Bluetooth -> Intel ...Bluetooth ...-> (right click -> properties) -> "Power Management" tab -> Uncheck "Allow this computer ...to save power"
  3. Just donated my previous lenovo laptop that I had upgraded to intel ac7260. The updated wireless definitely worked great and had much better range especially with the relatively frequent driver updates and bluetooth 4.0 worked well with the windows 8 drivers. I should have learned my lesson and avoided getting a new computer with a whitelist, but the original built in wireless sucks as usual and i'm back to updating the bios again. I highly recommend upgrading to a newer more capable wifi card after carefully flashing the bios.
  4. Newegg or amazon (also depending on tax) are definitely great especially with the holiday season/black friday coming around again (and with the frequent lenovo deals) Otherwise, I did make a recent purchase for a clevo laptop from lpc-digital and they were fairly reasonable and responsive to emails if you're int he market for a customizable gaming laptop..
  5. Custom all the way, although since starting my new job I've had to pass on the reins to one of my best friends.. Now I can just have him build/upgrade for me. You can't beat reusing parts in a new build or a frakenbuild.
  6. I recently purchased the gkill ripjaws 1866 10-10-10-32 1.35v which have their settings through jedec profile (no xmp profile), but I would concur that the only speed increase is on bandwidth benchmarks and not in real life applications. The extra cash would be better spent elsewhere
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