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Depending on what you want to use it for, you could look into a refurbished Radeon HD7770 ($75 to $80) or something closer to that level . If you're not into refurbished products, you can still get a Radeon HD6570 or 6670 for well within your budget. Is there something in particular that drew you to the 610 and 5450?

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Yeah, getting a 6900 series AMD card is likely your best option if you dont mind getting one that is not brand new, you should be able to find some on EBay or Amazon. If you are going for something new, you can usually get the 5700 series and up for within your budget. Either way, I would recommend an AMD over an NVidia, because you will be getting better quality and support with that option.

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I always see the 5450 from newegg for 10 dollars (after 20 dollar rebate) so certainly don't spend 75 dollars on that. I even got the 6450 for 10 dollars after rebate recently. If you don't need it right away i'd suggest watching the various deals sites around. There seem to be a few good video card deals a week.

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Well.. assuming you want to do some gaming, the best bang for the buck are the 7770, 270, 270x cards.. basicy the ones with a "7" as the 2nd digit. :) Otherwise that card is Ok.. you may just want to find a more modern one at a support standpoint.

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