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  1. Disarray

    Lenovo Y510p or somthing else ?

    Love my Lenovo as well.. a Y500 with the ultrabay SLI... no overheating issues here. Love it.
  2. Disarray

    Budget card advice

    Well.. assuming you want to do some gaming, the best bang for the buck are the 7770, 270, 270x cards.. basicy the ones with a "7" as the 2nd digit. Otherwise that card is Ok.. you may just want to find a more modern one at a support standpoint.
  3. Disarray

    Wireless Headset?

    3rd vote here for the Logitech G930, I use this for both work and gaming. One of the best headsets I have ever owned... and the best wireless one. Crazy good range too if you need to wander away from the PC for a snack.
  4. Disarray

    Corsair M65 or Logitech G502?

    On the software front, I have several Logitech Devices.. Keyboard, mouse, headset, gamepad.. and its nice that they all share the same application.

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