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  1. Keep in mind about the mechanical keyboards, they ARE loud. Even the silent ones are loud, in fact, the the razor Stealth keyboard can be even louder than the original one for people who are not used to using one. It is a TOTALLY different experience, and can be extremely annoying to a room-mate / spouse. They do get quieter as you get used to them though. Mechanical keyboards are not meant to be bottomed out. That extra loud click is caused by the mechanisms hitting the bottom, which is actually lower than the actuation point. Once you get used to typing on them and stop pushing them all the way down, like you have to with a rubber contact keyboard like most use now, they will get much quieter, especially the MX-Red. Right now I am using the Logitech G710+, which uses the MX-Brown mechanics. This thing is a beautiful keyboard, and since I am using a Logitech mouse with it, they are both controlled by the same piece of software. Ive tried both the Razor Black Widow, the original, and it was very nice. I actually liked it a bit better, it felt like a more solid build, but all the razers are now using synapse 2.0 which i refuse to use so that kinda forces my hand in terms of brands.
  2. but man is hard mode hard. had the game for a few months now and i still havent beaten medium yet!
  3. Very nice! I like the Samsung SSDs as well. If you are going with SSDs for your next system as well, you should check out the Samsung 840 EVOs. They are even faster than the Pro. The pro gets you about 512/512 Read/Write. The last system I built with SSDs had a single EVO drive in it, in rapid mode. By default, its read/write is the same as a Pro, but when in RAPID mode, with an i7 processor, the read/write speeds got bumped up to 1.2GB/s (note that is Byte, not Bit). Freakin' amazing drives.
  4. Yeah, getting a 6900 series AMD card is likely your best option if you dont mind getting one that is not brand new, you should be able to find some on EBay or Amazon. If you are going for something new, you can usually get the 5700 series and up for within your budget. Either way, I would recommend an AMD over an NVidia, because you will be getting better quality and support with that option.
  5. That sounds like a problem with that specific machine, not with acers in general. If you are really having those kinds of issues, i recommend you getting the hardware checked out. 4GB of RAM should be MORE than enough for anything you want to do, even gaming. And SSDs have phenomenal read/write speeds, and if it is being so slow, you probably have something wrong beyond the model. Really, everything is all the same nowadays, the only difference being support offered.
  6. Are you wanting to stick mostly to the FPS games? Or are you willing to branch out? Dark Souls is a fantastic game if you are looking for a challenge. Yes, it's assholish at times, but the bosses are about requiring skill rather than gear, and it is EXTREMELY satisfying when you actually win. Guild Wars 2 is an MMO done right. 1 Time purchase cost, no subscription fee. No expansions, they just release new content every 2 weeks. Little vertical progression, and the cash shop is for looks/convenience only, no mechanical benefits. and you can convert in-game currency to cash shop currency at reasonable rates. Wild Stars Online is also looking to be a good MMO. Tomb Raider was a surprisingly enjoyable game as well.
  7. Are you looking for mostly FPS style games? or would you be willing to go to others? Tomb Raider (2013) was a surprisingly enjoyable game if you are looking for a challenge, Dark Souls / Demon Souls is a fantastically well put together series. Guild Wars 2 is a good example of a well done MMO. 1 Time purchase, no monthly cost. No expansions, they just release new content every 2 weeks at no extra charge. Microtransactions are a thing, but they never give a mechanical advantage, just looks/convenience. And those can be bought with in-game currency, so you dont even have to spend real money. Wild Star Online is coming out soon and looks very well done as well.
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