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  1. kafalar

    Budget card advice

    agree with engets. take 7770
  2. kafalar

    Question on Fury Nitro

    i think not. If so there would be plenty of news in the internet
  3. kafalar

    [GUIDE] AMD VBIOS flashing

    when it comes to flasing in windows. If there will be something wrong, can i use other card to "reflash" bricked card?
  4. kafalar

    2 7870 Crossfire driver issues..

    is croosfire worth so much heat and power consumption?
  5. kafalar

    Site still alive?

    so is a still Chance to be promoted? I really need alienware m18x a05 unlocked bios. it would be awesome to be promoted
  6. kafalar

    Account Promotion Question

    actually is pretty hard to find files like u have guys. you have here very nice database but beeing eglible to download isnt that easy:/
  7. kafalar

    I need to buy a membership?

    ;probably you need to make 5 worth post to make it possible
  8. kafalar

    AMD Catalyst™ 14.6 Beta

  9. kafalar

    880m upgrade

    actually I have amd m6100(8950m). is it worth to change for 880m?

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