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  1. Depending on what you want to use it for, you could look into a refurbished Radeon HD7770 ($75 to $80) or something closer to that level . If you're not into refurbished products, you can still get a Radeon HD6570 or 6670 for well within your budget. Is there something in particular that drew you to the 610 and 5450?
  2. If you're still out for a solution, I would try and find a second 460 for cheap. If you have the CPU for it, you should see a nice bump in performance and won't have to spend much.
  3. MSI is just okay in my opinion. I have purchased some motherboards and video cards from them in the past ten years or so and more recently a GX60 notebook. Since the old days, they have come a long way (their website, RMA process, etc seemed a bit thrown together in the early 2000s).
  4. Has anyone gone through the trouble to replace the thermal interface on their GPU/CPU in their MSI G-Series? I generally replace the white paste with something better in every component I buy but haven't taken the time for my GX60 yet...
  5. I have been following this thread for a while and am curious as to whether I can expect a successful result on a GX60-1AC; after wading through post after post it still seems like a pretty big risk but I am rather adventurous... Anyone with this same laptop have good results? There are several iterations of the GX60 floating around out there now...
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