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  1. i would also recommend the g700s, many buttons and a good customization software so you can set it up just as you like. I dont game very much but when i do, i think it's nice to have a good mouse. But as previous posts mention, personal preference and that it fit in your hand is mose important
  2. I would also go with the 128 gb, better safe than sorry, if the budget allows it
  3. I didn't ike it at first, but it's getting better and better. But i woulf like to disable the fullscreen browsing in safari, that annoys the crap out of me
  4. I know for fact, at least here in Sweden you could get att 6950 if yo're lucky pretty cheap and they are really good, i had 2 of those in CF and they worked great
  5. I have m4 crucial 128 and it boots in about 20 sec, im satisfied coming from a regular hdd
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