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just picked up the spyder 3 elite on ebay, since the spyder 4 models are already out. Got a heck of a deal. Will post my color profiles as well. But from what I read, this is one of the better models to go with...

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I have a spyder4 elite + hd pack. It's not that cheap but it does get the job done quit well. Callibrated 3 monitors + 3 tv's with it and it's quitte a difference. The great part is that it calibrates your own room ligtning settings.

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    • By kxplus
      Hi all, I have the following setup:
      early 2015 rMBP 13"
      Win 8.1 on external SSD
      akitio thunder2 + gtx1060 6gb
      400W gold PSU, with a 4pin EPS remade to barrel for the akitio, and a 6pin VGA into my GTX1060
      external HDMI monitor connected to eGPU
      Beyond the usual booting trouble, everytime I go into Windows and want to utilise the eGPU, whether by just displaying my external monitor in control panel or running benchmark apps like unigine, a black screen occurs.
      Windows boots up with only my internal display showing, and control panel is able to reflect the name of my 2nd monitor properly.
      However if I ever try to switch to extend/duplicate/2nd screen only, Windows crashes. I know it has crashed because the light on the caps lock key wont toggle when I press it. The only thing I can do at this point is force shut down.
      In device manager, Windows shows my GTX 1060 just fine and even shows its status as "working properly". Yet, I cant utilise my eGPU.
      I have the v327.54 geforce drivers already installed. I also tried v327.70 to no avail. The only time anything ever appeared on my external display during this eGPU thing (like, ever) is a flash of a white screen on both internal and external displays, before the macbook/windows crashes.
      I have tried restarting countless times, either plugging thunderbolt cable in from cold boot or only when the windows insignia shows.
      I am clueless as to what's wrong. Does anyone have any idea? I will greatly appreciate it!!
    • By Benjamin Lee
      I've been wanting to see what 144hz is all about. Which monitor is better? They both have good reviews but I see a lot more people recommend the Asus one but most don't state a reason other than "It is 3D and G-Sync capable."
      Also, what about BenQ monitors?
      Acer GN246HL
      Asus VG248QE

    • By guillermohor
      Hi, I have the prema mod bios (w230st 1.1) installed for a long time, but since 2 weeks ago the hdmi output doesn´t work.
      With my normal monitor it works but it doesn´t work with the tv.
      When I start the pc with my monitor it works without problems in windows, bios, etc. but with the TV it´s impossible.
      I’ve tried everything, a new hdmi cable, other hdmi port in the TV...
      It´s says panasonic TV and i can change the 50/60Hz , resolution but no way.
      I´ve reinstalled windows 8 and linux.
      The only thing I can do is reinstalling the prema bios, can I do that?
      It´s not an update, it´s the same bios so I don´t know if y can do that.
    • By Brian
      So after calibrating my display I noticed the profile wasn't being forced. I searched around and found its a common problem and I stumbled across this fantastic tool called CPKeeper that was made by a user frustrated with the same issue: CPKeeper (Color Profile Keeper) nVidia could easily create a force profile option but choose not to so profile settings are usually lost in 3D games. This LG display I have has the ability to program a profile into the hardware but unfortunately they want you to buy their proprietary shit.
    • By StamatisX
      What monitor(s) do you have? Share your opinion and impressions with us here.
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