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  1. Hello I am new to this forum. I am an desktop user and I just purchased a evga gtx780 classy and after some research I got to this forum sins this is the place to be for custom made bios
  2. Have a H100 myself and never had big problems with it. Thanks to this one i am kinda considering in going for a custom water loop next.
  3. I have a spyder4 elite + hd pack. It's not that cheap but it does get the job done quit well. Callibrated 3 monitors + 3 tv's with it and it's quitte a difference. The great part is that it calibrates your own room ligtning settings.
  4. I recently have boutght an overlord tempest 270oc-ag model. 1440p and 120hz and loving it. Had an dell 2711u wich is now connected to my 2nd pc. I can see the difference while gaming.
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