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  1. Benjamin Lee

    Do Gaming companies hate PCs?

    When companies make terrible ports, piracy just goes up. I don't really see the marketing strategy in that.
  2. Benjamin Lee

    When do you use a FPS limit?

    I really hate tearing, so I usually always have V-Sync on.
  3. Benjamin Lee

    Gtav on pc

    Been way too long! PC release during early 2015 when it was originally released during 2013.
  4. Benjamin Lee

    Acer GN246HL vs Asus VG248QE

    I've been wanting to see what 144hz is all about. Which monitor is better? They both have good reviews but I see a lot more people recommend the Asus one but most don't state a reason other than "It is 3D and G-Sync capable." Also, what about BenQ monitors? Acer GN246HL Asus VG248QE
  5. Benjamin Lee

    [Guide] M15x with Nvidia 470m

    Is this 470M okay to use? I'd like to make a small upgrade with my Alienware M15x.

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