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  1. sounds like im out of luck then huh? what a waste. I cant even return it. controller are irreplaceable right?
  2. any way to mod the bios to make it compatible? or is that not even a possibility?
  3. its a patriot pyro m3 ssd. i looked and there are no firmware or drivers on the patriot website.
  4. tried reinstalling with proper dvd like you said, didnt work. still same issue. bump, anyone else have suggestions?
  5. i don't have an external optical drive, and even if i did, i dont have a dvd copy of the installation since the notebook never came with one. so what do you advise
  6. I can only install from USB. the notebook has no dvd slot. and the ISO was directly from Microsoft so it'd be hard to believe there was an issue. I think it's a bios issue.
  7. Can anyone help me? I am having problems getting my Msata to be detected on my asus g46vw. Ive flashed the bios to both 209 and 210, but it still wont detect the msata on a cold start up. I say "cold start up" because after I Disable Secure Boot Control, Disable Fast Boot, Enable Launch CSM, and Enable "Launch PXE OpROM" it will finally detect it. (without the Launch PXE OpROM, it will not detect for some reason). With those settings i can finally boot up into windows on the Msata. After it shuts down and stays off for a few hours however, it will not detect again after a cold start. So I basically have to reset those settings and configure it again. Such a hassle to do this loop over and over. Any advice?
  8. Personally i think they are both very reputable. I doubt anything from the Asus monitor is advantageous over the BenQ monitor. I actually have the VG248QE and absolutely love it, but that doesnt mean i cant argue that BenQ's 144hz monitor is worse/better
  9. Ive heard great reviews on the Zowie lineups. (i.e Fk1, Ec1, Ec2) They have a pretty solid avago 3310 sensor. Other than that, Final Mouse makes a pretty solid mouse with a pretty accurate sensor too
  10. mSATA SSD & BIOS recognition These are the BIOS settings you might need to set if you have problems getting the mSATA recognized: BIOS version 209 has helped others with recognition problems In BIOS: Disable Secure boot In BIOS: Enable Launch CSM (Optional) In BIOS: SATA = ACHI (Optional) In BIOS: Disable Intel SRT Sources: Here and here I tried doing this but im still having a problem with my bios recognizing my msata drive. Can you give me other advice? pls
  11. Hey were you able to get the bios to recognize your Msata? im experiencing the same issue trying to boot to my msata
  12. Hi were you able to get the msata to be detected? im having this problem with my g46vw not detecting my patriot pyro m3 MSATA. can you help me pls?
  13. Can i get help on configuring my bios to recognizemy msata ssd? I am really having trouble
  14. were you able to fix the msata detection? I have a Patriot 128GB MSATA but neither bios (209 or 210) would recognize it when booting. I would have to disable Secure boot & fast boot, Launch CSM enabled, and enable PXE OpROM for it to detect anything, then hard shut down and reboot. but its a hassle to do that every time
  15. i see the use for 144hz in First Person Shooter games, mainly for competitive players. Casual players should stick with 60 hz if they don't plan to be super serious in competitions or something.
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