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My M14x R2 PCH cooling mod

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Very interested in this as I think this is key to making my fans stop running incessantly after I play a game. Has anyone actually tried using thermal pads on it? Size? Brand and results? I'm going to go out and buy some tomorrow and will post my results, any experience would be appreciated

- looking at this right now:


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Mine runs around the same as yours, (60-65c) but thats down from 70+ which was annoying with the hairdryer of a fan. Anyone heard of another fan fitting? Been searching and found nothing in terms of a fan upgrade :(

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After having used my M14xR1 for almost three years, I think I owe it to myself to disassemble everything, clean it and put it back together using some of these ideas. The fan does come on a bit longer than I think it would need to during simple computer operations.

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I found one with 0.5mm thickness, should work fine or better get a 1mm? Also, can it be recommended to use as a sandwich between the GPU/CPU and the heatsink as it is only 0.5mm?

(Chip + thermal paste + Cu shim + thermal paste + Heatsink)

I'm using the same M14XR2 with i7 3630QM GT650M, 3 years old now, facing severe thermal throttling issues.

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Sandwiching between the GPU/CPU and the heatsink: you have to make sure the heatsink can sit properly. Thinner the copper shim the better.


You can also install right on top of the heatsink, that should also help with the temps.


I've tried this on a 3740qm HP 2570p.

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