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Alienware M17x R4 / M18x R2 - New Dell driver for 7970m available (07/13/12)

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Dell put a new driver for the AMD 7970m on their support site.

Version: "A01" 8.973

Fixes & enhacements: Resolves PowerXpress switching issues

Download here (direct link).


EDIT: Seems to be down at the moment...

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    • By laxus
      i want to ask two favours and a question from this community ..
      1.) Can someone mod my 940 mx to increase the target temperature and allow higher overclocking than 135hzband voltage control
      2.) Allowing my i5 7200U to be undervolted to reduce overall heat 
      The question : I repasted my gpu and cpu cleaned it thoroughly, made sure twice everything is connected properly, use a cooling pad and yet the upper portion of my chasis above f1-f12 keys is so hot that i can roast peanuts on it. 
      (if i left out any info or missed something please reply i would really love to have a page that has everything for people who have this laptop specifically for light gaming.)
    • By Samariton
      Hey guys, I have got a Dell AMD 7970M Card and before i start upgrading my M17X R2 i wanted to go over a few things and i hope you can help me.
      Flashing the VBios. I thiught this would be simple but the more i read into it the more confused i get. I have the stock A10 VBios and i have read in places that this will work and in other places that it wont. Could someone just clarify what bios i need and then, if you would be so kind, give step by step instructions on how do do it.
      Card Drivers. Do i need modded ones or are the official DELL drivers OK? Links would be greatly appreciated.
      Other than that i am about ready to go. This isnt the first time i have upgraded a GPU but this is the first time it has been this complicated. I really hope you guys can help me out.
    • By svl7
      Now including the 7900 and 7700 Series (only for Win7 drivers so far).
      The package also comes with some improvements and fixes, check below.
      Drivers Release Notes:

      AMD Catalyst Application Profiles (CAP) - 12.2 CAP1

      Download links can be found here:
      AMD Catalyst 12.2 Final & 12.2 CAP1
      (Let me know if you have direct links and I'll include them)
    • By svl7
      The latest version of the AMD GPU driver suite is up, check the spoiler for the change log:

      Have fun testing, let us know how it performs!
      Download link for the mobile version:
      AMD Catalyst
    • By svl7
      Got my Dell 7970m (ES) today... and so far it rocks!
      Native fan control, runs cooler than the 6900m series, and it simply kicks ass.
      It's pretty much plug-and-play, no issues so far, though I will need to continue the testing (and benching ). Only did a Vantage and 3dM11 run so far, with GPU and CPU at stock, Tess on, check it out, hehe:

      Confirmed for the Dell 7970m (part nr. 747M2) in the M15x:

      Fan control is working properly
      Sound per DisplayPort / HDMI is working
      GPU clocks and performs as expected

      Possible issues:

      The card runs slightly warmer than the officially supported cards, due to it's higher power draw.
      This also leads to less overclock headroom. The card works fine even if you have an i7 920XM in your system, but if you overclock the CPU too hard, the GPU voltage drops, resulting in a drastic performance drop.
      (This is actually not directly caused by a power limit due to the PSU... the CPU can draw as much power as it can get, but it seems that when the CPU draws more power than usual, the GPU voltage supply somehow doesn't get provided anymore with enough power, even though there's headroom power-wise, it's probably caused by the circuit design of the mobo).
      Things to do before changing the GPU:

      Download working drivers. At the moment you can either get the drivers of the M17x R4 from Dell, or the modified, but actually more recent (12.5) from "benchmark3d".
      Get some thermal paste, e.g. Arctic MX-4, or Prolimatech PK-1, or whatever you prefer, you'll also need something to clean the GPU die and heatsink, isopropyl alcohol or similar will do.
      I highly recommend using an ESD mat and wristband whenever working
      Get familiar with the upgrading procedure, respectively disassembling the system. Refer to the M15x service manual if you need help, or to this pictured guide which explains how to replace the GPU in the M15x.

      The upgrading procedure:

      Uninstall your GPU drivers.
      Make a power drain (Turn off your M15x, remove the power cord and the battery. Then press and hold down the power button (Alienhead) for about 10-20 sec.
      Remove your GPU - Here's a little guide with pics in case you need some help.
      Clean your heatsink, if necessary replace the thermal pads with new ones.
      Make sure the 7970m has the correct backplate on it.
      Insert your GPU, make sure that it sits properly. Apply the thermal paste, and attach the heatsink.

      More to come.

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