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  1. Yea, i totally noobed the whole thing up but its fixed now. Got the GPU running nicely thanks to some pointers from a guy who does this often and the temp seems stable. I have, however, experienced a cut out due to the temp increasing too high and i was wondering what tips you could offer to help keep my laptop a bit cooler? I have already got a cooling tray and i have got HWinfo but i am not sure how to use that to control the fans. Thanks for all you help as well,very happy with my new GPU
  2. So... I had a look at my heatsink installation and it seemed ok but I reapplied the thermal paste just the be sure and now the display doesn't function properly. There are lines all across the screen. The best was to describe it is it has the a presence of the picture being broken. Not sure what to do about it but needless to say I am petrified that I have broken something. I used all the ESD precautions I could. I work in an electronics factory so I have a good idea of the risks. Any tips of how to continue? Or am I looking at the worlds most expensive paper weight?
  3. So I went ahead with the upgrade. I managed to find a lot of the answers to my questions in the guide if I looked hard enough and I installed the card according to the guide. I am now experiencing a stability problem. My laptop now crashes and powers down completely. approximately 10min after I power it up. The GPU hasn't gotten hot in anyway and as far as I can tell everything is running fine so I can't see where the problem is. Can you give me some advice? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, just a few things have got me worried. In that guide it is mentioned that "Dell cards are restricted to being released with vBios versions up to and including 015.021. 015.022 vBios cards are not supported (the machine will fail to Post) nor can they be downflashed (Attempting to do so will brick the card)." Well on the back of my card is written a bios number of 015.022.000. Is this going to be a problem going forward? It also mentions "- Prepare, in advance, a USB stick preloaded with FreeDOS and the AMD 7970m modded vBios pack provided by svl7 over at TechInferno. This is an absolute requirement. Do not avoid this. There are very big chances that your cards may require bios reflash to work in your machine, and not having access to these vBios'es will cripple you and ruin your experience. (Alternatively, you can try the experimental vBios extracted from AlienHack's ES card, which helped fix a few compatibility problems in some cases)" does this mean that I will need to perform a vBios flash and should I do that before or after I have installed the card? Forgive my lack of knolage around the subject.
  5. Hey guys, I have got a Dell AMD 7970M Card and before i start upgrading my M17X R2 i wanted to go over a few things and i hope you can help me. Flashing the VBios. I thiught this would be simple but the more i read into it the more confused i get. I have the stock A10 VBios and i have read in places that this will work and in other places that it wont. Could someone just clarify what bios i need and then, if you would be so kind, give step by step instructions on how do do it. Card Drivers. Do i need modded ones or are the official DELL drivers OK? Links would be greatly appreciated. Other than that i am about ready to go. This isnt the first time i have upgraded a GPU but this is the first time it has been this complicated. I really hope you guys can help me out. Thanks!!
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