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Does leaving akitio semi-closed run hot? [picture]


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Its just an aesthetics thing, but I would really love to run my Akitio semi-closed; its just so much neater.

Why semi-closed, you ask? I'm thinking of sliding it up to the point where the 6pin connector sits into my GTX1060 mini–which perfectly fits into the akitio box, except for the 6pin power cable.

But of course theres the issue of hot temperatures. To those with experience with the akitio, do you think it is alright to leave my akitio closed with around 5cm(~2in) of open gap?

picture attached to show you what i mean. Its much cleaner, isnt it? (pardon the small image, I'm limited as i just registered here)


Did anyone run any temperature tests and care to share your insights? Thanks a bunch :)

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.01.33 AM.png

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Just try it. Every graphics card performs on different temperatures depending on the amount of fans etc. I can only tell that a GTX 970 with fully closed Akitio without modifications to the case runs hot. Your card should be able to breath, so I'd say you'll be fine.

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