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  1. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Thanks for the information. I actually tried using Diskpart to convert the drive but it wouldn't work. I ended up deleting a load of files and then cloning my hdd to the ssd. Everything works perfectly now. Thanks
  2. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    @misiozol Well I finally managed to solve my issues. I deleted a load of files on my HDD to get the data useage down to just 50gb, and then cloned it straight to the SSD using the Samsung software - it worked perfectly! I also managed to get my eGPU all setup and running too, so glad that's sorted now, such a frustrating process to go through - definitely helps if you are stubborn. Now hopefully gaming performance has improved a bit!?
  3. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Ah yes I do have a Samsung installation disk... but unfortunately my ssd is currently in the optical bay of my laptop. Doh! (Perhaps I can download it from Samsung instead). My hdd has 340gb of data. so won't fit on my 120gb ssd - I just need Windows on the ssd. It'd be easier if I just build a proper gaming rig!
  4. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    What cloning software would you recommend?
  5. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Changes in the BIOS sounds like a good idea but I'm not sure how to do that on my Macbook 9,1 (Mid 2012). I can get through the pci compaction process, have all the 'Yes' answers, but I go through the EFI boot, using the Alt key, I then press 1 in the menu, the bootloader runs through all the way to the end but it can't get past the chainloading stage because it is looking for a drive set to 'mbr'. But my ssd is 'gpt' and I can't seem to successfully convert it to 'mbr'. I see there is software online (AOMEI at disk-partition.com), they claim it can convert gpt to mbr and vice versa but you have to purchase their 'Pro' version $45 (it may not even work). Is it at all possible to make this DIY eGPU setup work with a gpt partitioned ssd? Any ideas?
  6. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Hi. The hdd is 500gb but my ssd is just 120gb. So the plan was to store the games on the hdd, with Windows 10 on the ssd.
  7. Thanks m8, i will try this later tonight. Such a frustrating process but should be worth it
  8. I can see now that I cannot set the SSD drive to 'Active' because it is using the GPT file structure and not MBR (see 1.pdf). So perhaps that is the issue? Either the eGPU Setup 1.2 is looking for the Primary boot drive but at the wrong location or I need to start from scratch using the MBR file structure. What do you guys think? 1.pdf
  9. Simon, I have done as you suggested and used command prompt > diskpart. I typed 'List Disk' and selected Disk 0 (see attached image). And then I typed 'List Partition', which shows Partition 4 as the Primary. Just guessing, but do you think the eGPU Setup 1.2 config file needs to specifically target Disk 0, partition 4 ? 1.pdf
  10. Hi Simon, yes I have already installed Windows 10 onto the ssd.
  11. Granty

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Hi guys. I have had my egpu setup and running fine for the past year or so on my mbp (mid 2012) which has a hdd drive. I now want to improve the gaming performance, so I've bought an ssd. I manage to get through all the steps in eGPU Setup 1.2 but when i go through the bootloader, it says at the very end "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". I'm guessing it is to do with my ssd being in the optical drive bay location (i assume this is hd1) and the original hdd (hd0) being disconnected, so windows can't see it when in bootloader. I think I need to edit the config file for the chainloader, so the bootloader reads the ssd but what exactly do i need to change? I tried changing the map section (line 55): map --harddrives=1 if "%DRV%"=="C" map (%FIRSTHDD%) (hd0) Changing the (hd0) to (hd1) put the bootloader in a loop!? So I am not sure what to try next... Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. Hi guys. I have just created a post about my issue but I am keen to find a solution asap, so I posted here too. I have had my egpu setup and running fine on my macbook pro (mid 2012) which has a hdd drive, and to improve the gaming performance I've bought an ssd. I manage to get through all the steps in eGPU Setup 1.2 but when i go through to the bootloader, it says at the very end "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". I'm guessing it is to do with my ssd being in the optical drive bay location and the original hdd (hd0) now being disconnected, so I get this error. What exactly do i need to change so the bootloader finds the ssd? Many Thanks
  13. Know how you feel @rbut, I wanna play some BF1 =)
  14. I messaged an Nvidia software guy yesterday and asked if they were fixing the Nvidia drivers: I said: "Maybe you can help... I've tried installing many Nvidia drivers, including: 372.70, 372.90, 373.06, 375.70 and only 372.70 appears to recognise my Zotac GTX 1060 which is connected to my laptop via an Akitio Thunder2 eGPU (Thunderbolt port). The other drivers all cause the error 43. Is this an issue with ALL GTX1000 cards?" and he replied: "This is a known issue. Fortunately it was just fixed and QA is testing the fix. Assuming it checks out, it will appear in our next driver later this month". So fingers crossed guys, we will have a solution for this soon, at least sometime this month anyway.
  15. Granty

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

    No my devcon.txt file seems to work ok It only took me an hour to get the egpu back up and running, so it's getting easier with practice. I tried that nvidia bypass trick using that Rename.BAT file but it didn't work for me. Will have to wait till Nvidia fix the issue.

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