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  1. Know how you feel @rbut, I wanna play some BF1 =)
  2. I messaged an Nvidia software guy yesterday and asked if they were fixing the Nvidia drivers: I said: "Maybe you can help... I've tried installing many Nvidia drivers, including: 372.70, 372.90, 373.06, 375.70 and only 372.70 appears to recognise my Zotac GTX 1060 which is connected to my laptop via an Akitio Thunder2 eGPU (Thunderbolt port). The other drivers all cause the error 43. Is this an issue with ALL GTX1000 cards?" and he replied: "This is a known issue. Fortunately it was just fixed and QA is testing the fix. Assuming it checks out, it will appear in our next driver later this month". So fingers crossed guys, we will have a solution for this soon, at least sometime this month anyway.
  3. No my devcon.txt file seems to work ok It only took me an hour to get the egpu back up and running, so it's getting easier with practice. I tried that nvidia bypass trick using that Rename.BAT file but it didn't work for me. Will have to wait till Nvidia fix the issue.
  4. @mrchrister, Weird thing, I left my laptop for about 15mins after having done a bit of gaming last night and tried watching some Youtube videos but they would only run in slow motion and with no sound!? What is that about? The eGPU played games fine. The next day I tried booting up but it kept on getting stuck at the final stage of the Windows boot, right at the point where the external screen lights up! So I booted up the eGPU Setup software and saw the two pci compaction YES's had changed to NO's (NOOOOOOO). I guess the slow motion thing has something to do with the USB/compaction settings changing? Anyone experienced this before? Gonna try and do the compaction process now - took me ages the last time and I just got lucky, so don't remember exactly what I chose in the menus, or what order. Hope it doesn't take too long this time around...
  5. Hey @mrchrister, Yes I now have a fully armed and operational battlestation, sorry I mean eGPU! It took me a few days trying to figure things out, because when I got to the compaction stage, it kept freezing up at the end, that was because the eGPU Setup software couldn't find the correct files, so I ended up creating a bootable USB which did the trick. Thanks! It was good of you to attach your devcon.txt file but all is good now! (apart from the Nvidia driver problems, so stuck with 372.70 which won't allow me to play BF1 ). Great little GPU the Zotac GTX1060 Mini, very impressed with it so far. My laptop runs so much cooler than before, which should help to extend its life a bit! I only have the fans running at about 4000rpm and the cpu hovers between 55-60 degrees which is awesome. Granty
  6. I see, well good luck with that @bloodhawk when you try that tomorrow! Weird that Nvidia made these changes in their recent drivers. The eGPU market seems to be getting bigger and bigger now, so they need to fix this asap! =)
  7. @bloodhawk I tried following this method: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/962633/pc-games/bypassing-the-driver-version-check-of-a-game-/post/4967359/#4967359 but I couldn't run the text file on the desktop as 'Administrator' as the option was greyed-out. Be good to hear if you manage to get Nando's method working! * I tried the method found on the Geforce forum (link above), but it didn't work the first time, but I thought I would try again. Luckily I had kept the file and when I tried creating and running the shortcut file again on my desktop, it WORKED!! So now I can play BF1 So at least now I don't have to wait for Nvidia to get their act together.
  8. You're right it is stupid... I've only just got my egpu setup and working, I don't want to f**k about with the Bios, I just want to play BF1 =) * HURRY UP NVIDIA!!
  9. Hi guys. I have acquired all of the parts for my eGPU project. I am using an Akitio Thunder2 pci-e box with my Mid 2012 - MacbookPro 9,1 • i7 2.7ghz (3820qm Ivy Bridge) • 8gb Ram • Windows 10 (Bootcamp / BIOS) • Dell DA2 PSU with @Dschijn's cable mod to power both the Akitio box and Zotac GTX1060 Mini 6gb, and all powers up fine. I removed the previously installed Nvidia drivers from Windows using DDU and then installed the most up to date drivers (Version: 375.63), with the eGPU attached and turned on. Now in the Device Manager the GTX1060 driver is showing with the 'error 12' code. After researching this topic on this forum, I found several threads, and I see that many people are using @Tech Inferno Fan's eGPU 1.2/1.3 Setup script. I read some helpful posts by @LukeHero and @w4vz, which lead me to believe that Nando's eGPU Setup 1.2 would be best for my 2012 Macbook Pro - is that correct? Perhaps I should have waited but I bought and installed eGPU Setup 1.2 and I got as far as the 'compaction' step but Nando's boot/bios script can't see the devcon.txt file and shows a message saying "WARNING! No C:\config\devcon.txt. Compaction may freeze. Run V:\devcon\mkdevcon in Windows to create devcon.txt.". But when I ran the setup-disk-image (as admin user) it did create the devcon.txt file within a V:\ directory. C:\devcon.txt file contains: ACPI\PNP0C01\2 Name: System board Device has the following resources reserved: MEM : 20000000-201fffff MEM : 40000000-401fffff ACPI\PNP0C02\1 Name: Motherboard resources Device has the following resources reserved: MEM : fed1c000-fed1ffff MEM : fed10000-fed17fff MEM : fed18000-fed18fff MEM : fed19000-fed19fff MEM : e0000000-efffffff MEM : fed20000-fed3ffff MEM : fed90000-fed93fff MEM : fed45000-fed8ffff MEM : ff000000-ffffffff MEM : fee00000-feefffff ACPI\PNP0C02\2 Name: Motherboard resources Device has the following resources reserved: IO : 002e-002f IO : 004e-004f IO : 0061-0061 IO : 0063-0063 IO : 0065-0065 IO : 0067-0067 IO : 0080-0080 IO : 0092-0092 IO : 00b2-00b3 IO : 1000-100f IO : 0400-047f IO : 0500-057f ACPI\PNP0200\4&41DBD23&0 Name: Direct memory access controller Device has the following resources reserved: IO : 0000-001f IO : 0081-0091 IO : 0093-009f IO : 00c0-00df DMA : 4 ACPI\PNP0C09\0 Name: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller Device is currently using the following resources: IO : 0062-0062 IO : 0066-0066 ACPI\PNP0C0A\0 Name: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Device is not using any resources. ACPI\PNP0B00\4&41DBD23&0 Name: System CMOS/real time clock Device is currently using the following resources: IO : 0070-0077 ACPI\PNP0103\4&41DBD23&0 Name: High precision event timer Device has the following resources reserved: MEM : fed00000-fed003ff IRQ : 0 IRQ : 8 ACPI\PNP0C0E\2&DABA3FF&2 Name: ACPI Sleep Button Device is not using any resources. ACPI\PNP0C0D\2&DABA3FF&2 Name: ACPI Lid Device is not using any resources. ACPI\PNP0000\4&41DBD23&0 Name: Programmable interrupt controller Device has the following resources reserved: IO : 0020-0021 IO : 0024-0025 IO : 0028-0029 IO : 002c-002d IO : 0030-0031 IO : 0034-0035 IO : 0038-0039 IO : 003c-003d IO : 00a0-00a1 IO : 00a4-00a5 IO : 00a8-00a9 IO : 00ac-00ad IO : 00b0-00b1 IO : 00b4-00b5 IO : 00b8-00b9 IO : 00bc-00bd IO : 04d0-04d1 ACPI\PNP0A08\0 Name: PCI Express Root Complex Device is currently using the following resources: MEM : 000a0000-000bffff MEM : 8fa00000-feafffff MEM : fed40000-fed44fff IO : 0000-0cf7 IO : 0d00-ffff ACPI\PNP0C0C\2&DABA3FF&2 Name: ACPI Power Button Device is not using any resources. ACPI\PNP0C04\4&41DBD23&0 Name: Numeric data processor Device has the following resources reserved: IO : 00f0-00f0 IRQ : 13 ACPI\PNP0100\4&41DBD23&0 Name: System timer Device has the following resources reserved: IO : 0040-0043 IO : 0050-0053 15 matching device(s) found. Can anybody shed some light on this for me please? I will gladly provide more details if necessary. =) Thanks for reading. Granty *edit: I just checked and bootcamp is installed on an MBR (master boot record) partition.
  10. @mrchrister Yes I'm just a couple of weeks away from purchasing a Zotac GTX1060 Mini, can't wait to get it running. I see the GTX970 has come down a bit in price to below £200 now but I think I'll pay that little bit extra for what appears to be a slightly better graphics card. I received my modded cable from @Dschijn and it works perfectly! I'm sure he would be very happy to help you, he was very helpful. And as you have parents in Germany, that will make shipping fairly quick too.
  11. Thank you for the reply @Dschijn, if I got you to solder me a cable, how much would this cost? to include the angled cable, as I would really prefer to close the case.
  12. Hi guys, this is a great informative post, which has helped to convince me to have a go at putting together an eGPU for my MacbookPro,9,1 (mid 2012 • i7 2.7ghz • 8gb ram). I will use an external 40" tv screen to play games via Bootcamp / Windows 10 (Pro). I was brought to this forum via a Youtube video by @Dschijn. I have purchased an Akitio Thunder2 and have decided on adding a Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, as it should fit inside the case and it has good reviews, relatively low power consumption (power consumption 120W / 1 x 6-pin plug socket) and judging by these forums a Dell DA-2 brick (220W) should provide enough power to run correctly by splitting the power between the gpu and Akitio box through two 6-pin plugs. I have ordered a barrel plug: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0118JT7IW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but am unsure which power cable(s) to purchase - although I understand I would need an 8-pin (for the Dell psu) split to a 6-pin plug for the gpu and the other to the barrel plug (2.5mm by 5.5mm) to power the Akitio box. I did try emailing "sales@antronst.com" several days ago but no reply. Is there anyone else selling pre-assembled cable mods similar to this or would I need to buy and combine a few cables etc? Any advice at all would be great! (Please also let me know if my planning is totally wrong) Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply errin! I've been looking regularly ebay and I got lucky as I found an Akito Thunder2 PCIe box for just £140.00, it's only 5 months old (it just arrived today). Next I need to buy a GTX1060 and research which PSU to use and then figure out how to put it all together - should be fun!
  14. It's ok, I just bought one from eBay! =)
  15. Hey HammerFET, nice work. You mentioned you got the Akitio Thunder2 PCIe box for a good price from Germany, well I am looking to purchase a box (I am in the UK). Could you tell me where you bought yours from and how much it was? (inc postage). Thanks!