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  1. Hello guys My notebook is a MSI GT70 2PC, need a BIOS with more options, unlocked, and mainly with options for the video card, since I want to disable the dedicated card, I downloaded the modified Xonar rom, but the base of it is a BIOS of 2012, and I do not want to use a BIOS so outdated, can somebody help me with that? Thank you
  2. Arthur MN

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Tks Xonar ...
  3. Arthur MN

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Hi Klem, I downloaded AMIBCP. But I have no experience with biosmod, my biggest interest is getting options to disable the dedicated video card and let only the Intel 4600 active. I noticed that when I open the bios updated by AMIBP, several options appear, if I save everything will appear in the new BIOS? Is there a way to emulate the bios through windows to see how it would look? MSI GT70 2PC Dominator BIOS = E1763IMS.51D Grateful
  4. Arthur MN

    MSI GT70 Motherboard Replacement Complications

    All right here ... I updated, thank you man.
  5. Arthur MN

    MSI GT70 Motherboard Replacement Complications

    I understand now, tks ... do you have any way to update the bios using a desktop application? Or just by boot?
  6. Arthur MN

    MSI GT70 Motherboard Replacement Complications

    And this version, it seems to be the last one, does it? MSI Site: BIOS Version E1763IMS.11D Release Date 2015-07-30 Can I upgrade to this one? I confess that I am confused with the information on the site. Grateful
  7. Arthur MN

    MSI GT70 Motherboard Replacement Complications

    I do not know, my Bios is the same, as the image of CPUZ shows, the other images are from the files available on the MSI website. My bios (E1763IMS.51B) is from 2015/29/01, and those of the Site are from 2015/07/30 ... :\
  8. Yes ... That's the only way. Windows update does not work when removing the video card, I would like to be able to disable this NVidia GTX870M in bios and set the Intel Graphics 4600 as the only one. I keep the heatsink with the pipes, so the CPU gets much cooler and can support an increase of the CPU clock ... I think my i7 processor, if it maintains a constant use and the clock at 3700 + or - and the temperature at 70 / 90Cª ... And without the video card installed, it rarely exceeds the temperature of 55ºC ... That's why I want to remove this video card. I would like to try the modified BIOS of (Xonar) Tks
  9. Arthur MN

    i7 3940XM OC probleme in BIOS

    BIOS MOD = unlocked BIOS
  10. Arthur MN

    Upgrading to an SSD

    It's a wonderful world now ... hehehe
  11. Arthur MN

    Upgrading to an SSD

    Dear Granty You can convert from GPT to MBR using DISKPART, so you have to enter the command prompt as administrator, and type diskpart, then type list disk to show all the storage units, now type select disk and add the corresponding letter to the disk. Your SSD. Finally type convert mbr, and it will be ready ... Lets see if it works ... * If you want to access your Mac's settings, follow these steps: 1- Turn off your MacBook. 2 - Turn it on after it is completely off. 3- Press "Command", "Option" and the letters "O" and "F" simultaneously before the system starts. 4- Hold these keys until the request screen appears.
  12. Arthur MN

    i7 3940XM OC probleme in BIOS

    In the original BIOS of this notebook, there are no overclocking options ... I would have to do it by software as I said above ... But I do not know ... Are you using an original BIOS, or a mod?
  13. Arthur MN

    Upgrading to an SSD

    I think you should make the changes in the BIOS ... In the boot options, put your SSD drive first, and disable the rest. I hope I have really understood your problem, this would be a solution for notebooks and PCs ... Hugs
  14. Arthur MN

    Windows AutoPilot

    Hello guys The post is about Windows AutoPilot. I found this article very interesting, very useful and saves a lot of time of settings, so I decided to share, to those interested, follow the link to the article. Good week to everyone ... https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsitpro/2017/06/29/modernizing-windows-deployment-with-windows-autopilot/

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