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Found 9 results

  1. I recently purchased a replacement 980M (Clevo model) for my P770DM-G after the original died, however, after installing the card the laptop doesn't boot. I only get a black screen, and after a couple minutes the fans spin to max before shutting down, which is the same thing that happens when I try to boot it without any gpu at all. I've tried the reset procedure, unplugging, removing battery, and removing CMOS, to no avail. It does beep before shutting down (I counted 22 times exactly). Anyone have any insight as to what the problem is?
  2. Hi guys, i have m18x R1 model with A05 unlocked bios and i try to connect ati mobility 4870 card/s. I read ton of posts but people that seem to have similar problem with different card didn't post any solution. Case is when i connect 4870 i get black screen and 8 beeps. When i use only integrated graphics (no cards installed) laptop is starting normally. When i use integrated graphics (nvidia card installed as master) laptop is starting normally. When i use nvidia card installed as master laptop is starting normally. When i use nvidia card installed as master and ati 4870 installed as slave laptop is starting normally but in devices manager i see there is error 10 with ati card. When i use ati 4870 card installed as master i get 8 beeps and black screen. I tried to google for answers but unfortunatelly didn't find any. Do you know if that old card can work in m18x ? Maybe it's not supported at all? Do you have any ideas what else can i try?
  3. Hello I bought Dell gtx 880m for my m18x r2. I thought there would be fewer problems than with gtx 970m. Installed it and the laptop at the start produces 8 sound signals with black screen. I tried to flash a11 and a12 BIOS and it did not help.
  4. Good day everyone, I had to replace gtx 675M (dead) with 680M on my MSI GT70 0nd-202US laptop CPU: Intel i7-3610QM GTX 675M is the original card (now dead) Motherboard: MS-1762 Chipset: HM77 / Intel Ivy Bridge I bought it on ebay and in the description it was said that it is compatible with MSI GT70. Later seller confirmed that as well. This is the item: NVIDIA GeForce Dell GTX 680M 2GB DDR5 for MSI Clevo Alienware Upgrademonkey | eBay It is a green card. On some forums I read that you have to use the blue one for clevo. But as I said in the description in was said that it's compatible for MSI GT70. Anyway, after installation I got no POST and black screen. If I remove the GTX 680M everything works and loads normally again. My question is is there anything that can be done to get the laptop to work with this graphics card (BIOS update maybe? There are no official BIOS updates on MSI's website though... My current BIOS version is 10U) or I just should return it to the seller? Thank you
  5. Hey guys. So I got this far. Connected the laptop HP EliteBook 8460p i5 2450M to this ASUS Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GPU via an express card /34 And this resulted in my laptops display not initialising which was to be expected I recall reading on different threads here. My second monitor is using hdmi so I tried hdmi on the gpu and also connected a hdmi to dvi adaptor to the laptop and sadly the monitor never detected anything, Can anyone help make sense of this with me? BTW I connected the egpu while the laptop was off. Then powered the laptop on
  6. Hello, I just posted on the Prema Mod blog, and just realized my misstake... I will kindly ask for my comment to be removed, as i feel right here on Techinferno is a better place for my question. I have a P150SM-A / GTX970M with stock BIOS. Had to shut it down to reboot, and when it turned back on, the BIOS kicked in in “recovery mode”. I pressed continue, and after some progress bars it rebooted. Now, it won’t turn on at all anymore: the fans are both ON, the keyboard is backlit solid blue, but that’s it. No screen backlight. I have tried numerous things that were asked here: Removed the battery, power plug and CMOS battery and let it sit for 10mn… Same thing. Tried to change RAM slots, but no cigar… Is there anything i can do before going to my reseller? I don’t have an external screen or rig to use unfortunatelly, and i would really appreciate any direction. Notes: - When the computer went into recovery mode, I noticed that the HDD identifiers were different, before they were P0, P3 and P5, but this time change to PM SM and SS (So primary master, secondary master and secondary slave… Reminds me of my first PC with IDE back in 1998). - Also, before doing this, the computer took an abnormal amount of time before showing me the BIOS (Like it was stuck on detecting some hardware). I also remember briefly seeing a message about an invalid EFI thing… Which is super weird as I dont use EFI. - When i turn the computer on, I noticed that Caps Lock / Num Lock are not functional. However, Fn + 1 puts the fans at full speed. Not sure if this information is of any help. - Im aware of the method to Fn + B to recover a bios, but I'm not too comfortable doing so, as it might break the warranty, yes? Thanks for your help! Doodloo
  7. BIOS version: E16f2IM7.50B EC: 2/7/2011 (if I remember correctly when last seeing it) Intel GPU was disabled and I have enabled it, but the primary graphics adapter was set to PEG. After saving settings and rebooting, no screen. Connected external monitor via HDMI - no luck. I don't have VGA monitor. Is there a way to blindly navigate through BIOS and switch primary graphics adapter to AUTO or Intel GPU?
  8. Hello, I own a custom laptop on an <st1:stockticker w:st="on">MSI</st1:stockticker> 16F2 platform. Few weeks ago my GTX 670M card died. Out of better options, I bought an used GTX 660M from an acquaintance. I had it installed, started Windows and everything looked OK. Then I installed the Nvidia drivers and after reboot, right after the loading screen, I got a black screen (with the screen still lit). I went into Safe mode and uninstalled the driver. Then installed again and got the same result. Went into Bios, change settings, tried resetting <st1:stockticker w:st="on">CMOS</st1:stockticker>, nothing worked. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate again, then Windows 8, same thing. I also tried modding the drivers, still nothing. I have no clue what is wrong. If you have any idea, please help me with this. Thank you, Fox
  9. Hey all, Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and know of a Fix. Alienware M17X R3 GTX 780M Drivers are V340.43 Windows 8.0 All setup from reading information here. This also happens for SC2 but not for World of warcraft that runs without any issues. Does anyone have this problem or know of a fix. I have tried to take the drivers back to a old version but this doesnt make any difference. The same problem soon as the game starts it just black screens. Thanks in advance.
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