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  1. The video card has been flashed in a service center with the vBIOS jelenn gave and the card works great so far; no BSODs or other errors with the latest 344.65 driver installed. Thank you again for your help, jelenn. If you want you can send me your unlocked files but I think I will stick with the stock ones for now because fps are high enough for me in video games.
  2. Does that mean that you only heard of failed attempts to flash an MSI 2GB vBIOS onto a Dell 2GB video card? Or you have no idea if it's going to work?
  3. Finally the system allowed me to download the file. It's comforting to know that you have the Dell GTX 680M 2GB working on an MSI GT70 0ND laptop. I decided to take my chances and I'm going to have a computer company flash the vBIOS you gave me on the video card. It's going to take 1-3 days and I will let you know how it went.
  4. I tried to see if the USB drive can be accessed while the 680M is installed and I was not able to boot from it even when I removed my hard drives, even though it booted and executed the commands I added to the AUTOEXEC.BAT without the 680M installed. So I guess there is really no POST, it's not just the black screen, and so I can't flash the video card. Thank you again, jelenn for your reply. It gave me hope that the video card would work after all on my system, but unfortunately there's no way to boot from USB and flash vBIOS if you can't even get to the POST, is there? There is an option of having a service center flash the vBIOS but to the best of my knowledge they pull the bios chip off and then flash it. This will not the solution I want though because if the card still doesn't work after that I won't be able to return it for a refund, which is what I'm gonna do. I'm hoping this bad experience is going to help someone else make the right decision. Best
  5. Does anyone have this same card with the MSI vBIOS? Could you please save the .rom file and somehow upload it? I will try to download the attachment jelenn gave me as well if I'm finally able to.. I just want to be sure it works. You know, I was ready to send the card back for a refund even though the vendor told me they'd mail me the same card with the MSI vBIOS. After reading this thread I thought it wasn't possible and I'd just have to pay double triple price for shipping http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/7176-gt70-0ne-dead-680m-got-gtx-680m-alienware-m18xr2-m17xr4.html
  6. Do you think blind flashing the vBIOS would work? I have the USB stick ready and know how to flash the vBIOS of the gtx card. I could add the commands to the currently hidden AUTOEXEC.BAT file as well so that the process is automatic.
  7. Yes I know that you have to flash vBIOS and not the BIOS of the main board Just to be sure, was your video card Dell gtx 680M with 2GB of memory? I found collection of vBIOS on a website for this card but they only have 4GB version for the MSI version. Video Bios Collection | techPowerUp I read that it could brick the card if you use a different memory size vBIOS. Are there any other websites that provive vBIOS?
  8. Good day everyone, I had to replace gtx 675M (dead) with 680M on my MSI GT70 0nd-202US laptop CPU: Intel i7-3610QM GTX 675M is the original card (now dead) Motherboard: MS-1762 Chipset: HM77 / Intel Ivy Bridge I bought it on ebay and in the description it was said that it is compatible with MSI GT70. Later seller confirmed that as well. This is the item: NVIDIA GeForce Dell GTX 680M 2GB DDR5 for MSI Clevo Alienware Upgrademonkey | eBay It is a green card. On some forums I read that you have to use the blue one for clevo. But as I said in the description in was said that it's compatible for MSI GT70. Anyway, after installation I got no POST and black screen. If I remove the GTX 680M everything works and loads normally again. My question is is there anything that can be done to get the laptop to work with this graphics card (BIOS update maybe? There are no official BIOS updates on MSI's website though... My current BIOS version is 10U) or I just should return it to the seller? Thank you
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