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  1. I dont think it will help, done that 10 times already. I have BIOS corruption according to the experts... That's why I am asking if the OP solved his problem, so maybe I hear about something that I might have overlooked.
  2. Hello TestingJohn, Any update on your situation please? Best!
  3. Hello again, The computer is now at my reseller. They will most likely send it to the manufacturer for a diagnostic... Will keep you posted. However, someone brought a very interesting fact to my attention. Look at this thread I initiated on another forum: Black Screen on P150SM-A | NotebookReview Apparently, Windows 10 has the ability (It might even be a new feature well at least to me it sound like an awesome new Microsoft-like new feature XD ) to fry the TFT screen. Thanks for all your help Prema!
  4. Same thing, but i can tell something is going on when using the Fn + B combo: the USB stick flashes for 10 seconds, stops, flashes again for 10 seconds, etc... forever. But nothing, screen is on a solid black.
  5. I have emptied the browser cache, and now it's downloading. Thanks Prema
  6. oO The link says the file doesn't exist anymore. Thanks Prema!
  7. Me too, but i however have a P150SM-A and GTX970M. The canonical repo proprietary drivers worked for me as well (With many distros actually: 14.04LTS, 15.04, Deb::Jessie, OpenSuze). That's why we should have a look at Fab's logs
  8. Hi Prema, and thanks for your help! What would that mean? I noticed the file name is P15EMx08.rom, but i have a P150SM-A. Is that correct? Also, as i didn't flash my BIOS yet, would this void my warranty (Is this a stock BIOS)? Lastly: as i don't have the screen working, will i be able to do anything on screen, or will i be blind? If i will be blind, could you please give me an overview of what should I do (Key sequences, how much time to wait, how many reboots to expect and what to do for each of them)? Thanks again Prema!
  9. Hello Fabrizzio, That's awesome news, what you call "text mode" will be more than enough to hopefully get you up and running. Could you please give me the output of your X session errors? Hint: Look under /var/log/Xorg*.log, and xsession-errors.log in your home also. Also, i would like to know what session manager do you use? What desktop environment? You were talking about the xorg edgers PPA, i wouldnt recommend using them unless you got everything to work properly already without them. Before trying anything else, please make sure you have used the "ppa-purge" command, which not only removes the repository information but also will roll back any package your system might be running from them. Last, i would like to know your kernel version (You can post the result of the command "uname -a" here). Best, Doodloo.
  10. Hello, I just posted on the Prema Mod blog, and just realized my misstake... I will kindly ask for my comment to be removed, as i feel right here on Techinferno is a better place for my question. I have a P150SM-A / GTX970M with stock BIOS. Had to shut it down to reboot, and when it turned back on, the BIOS kicked in in “recovery mode”. I pressed continue, and after some progress bars it rebooted. Now, it won’t turn on at all anymore: the fans are both ON, the keyboard is backlit solid blue, but that’s it. No screen backlight. I have tried numerous things that were asked here: Removed the battery, power plug and CMOS battery and let it sit for 10mn… Same thing. Tried to change RAM slots, but no cigar… Is there anything i can do before going to my reseller? I don’t have an external screen or rig to use unfortunatelly, and i would really appreciate any direction. Notes: - When the computer went into recovery mode, I noticed that the HDD identifiers were different, before they were P0, P3 and P5, but this time change to PM SM and SS (So primary master, secondary master and secondary slave… Reminds me of my first PC with IDE back in 1998). - Also, before doing this, the computer took an abnormal amount of time before showing me the BIOS (Like it was stuck on detecting some hardware). I also remember briefly seeing a message about an invalid EFI thing… Which is super weird as I dont use EFI. - When i turn the computer on, I noticed that Caps Lock / Num Lock are not functional. However, Fn + 1 puts the fans at full speed. Not sure if this information is of any help. - Im aware of the method to Fn + B to recover a bios, but I'm not too comfortable doing so, as it might break the warranty, yes? Thanks for your help! Doodloo
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