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  1. I recently successfully got my egpu working (topic is mentioned in this thread somewhere) I have one question. I bought a dell adapter for power ( model adp-220ab b ) and I am looking for an extension for it but I cant see any 8 pin to 8 pin that match the design, did dell design it in such a way it cant be extended? Can someone make any suggestions?
  2. Check out the rest of this thread there is a link to my solved section
  3. Ive solved my problems and all my solving and discoveries are here.
  4. I plug my eGPU after windows has started now. Because whenever I run it while already plugged in I get that screen. Also I used a GTX750TI like you before as well but my laptop didn't have enough resources so I used the GTX660 from my desktop which was fine. I could use the GTX750TI as well but I couldnt get Nando's DIY egpu Compaction feature to work This is my contribution to this forum. My procedure and setup that worked.
  5. Can someone recommend me something to replace the NEX650 PSU? I wanted something like this https://www.amazon.com/Dell-OptiPlex-D220P-01-ADP-220AB-ZVC220HD12S1/dp/B00CFGVWXG (Dell 220W DA-2 AC Power Supply Adapter) Im trying to make my physical appearance not be as... big.. so I can make a nice enclosure
  6. [[[Remove this if not appropriate]]] My goal was a simple plug and play eGPU solution to play Darksouls 3 with my girlfriend Finally got it to plug and play and just work. Hardware; HP 2570p Elitebook i7, 8Gb RAM GTX660 (Originally GTX750TI does not work with HP 2570p easily) Possible to use GTX670/760/770 due to similar resource requirements in comparison to GTX750TI PE4C v3 EC/34 750W PSU (Unnecessary output) Windows 7 ( Windows 10 = Error 12 = More work) Started out with a GTX750TI Which was a mistake because I should of bought a GTX660, luckily for me my desktop had one already and all I had to do was swap. You can make a successful eGPU from a GTX750TI however it requires alot more work unless you have a laptop that has enough TOLUD range to accommodate it. My experience with the 750 was a painful. I personally would only pursue it if you are more educated in this type of field. I have been unplugging and reattaching and it seems to just work great, Im reinstalling Windows 10 to try that Steps Waited for Windows to start loading then, Plugged my rigged GTX660 + PE4C to my EC/34 slot, Upon loading it appears in my device manager, not named GTX660, Downloaded the GTX660 driver from NVIDIA and it recognized the GPU, After installation it will name the GTX660 in device manager. Requests restart, I had to pull it out after hitting the restart button and then quickly replug at windows load It didn't work immediately, after unplugging/replugging while laptop was on it started to give a display to my GPU's HDMI output which was connected to a monitor. I played Darksouls 3 and it works great. Safely Remove eGPU Shutdown laptop Unplug once off (Ive gotten a blue screen once prematurely pulling for some reason) Geeks3D GpuTest FurMark v0.7.0.0 ▶Submited by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2016 Score 2523 FPS 42 Fullscreen mode NO Resolution 1920 x 1054 MSAA X8 Duration (ms) 60000 CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz Operating system Windows 7 64-bit build 7601 (Service Pack 1) Graphics driver R368.39 OpenGL - GL_VERSION 4.5.0 NVIDIA 368.39 OpenGL - GL_RENDERER GeForce GTX 660/PCIe/SSE2 GPU 1 GeForce GTX 660 Device ID NVIDIA (0x10de - 0x11c0) SubDevice ID GIGABYTE (0x1458 - 0x354e) Fig1. GTX660 with 750W PSU and PE4C 3.0 Potato quality SPECIAL THANKS to Nando and Arbystrider, I would of gotten no where without you guys. Please correct me in anything because I want to know this abit more intimately. I also dont mind admins editing, moving or altering the content or the title etc if needed
  7. Thanks for getting back to me Nando. I had looked at an article stating that gtx660/670/760/77's fit better but already have my device. Im also using windows 10 and considering dual booting windows 7 Will read this thread and see how we go. Might make a video
  8. Did you get any further? I managed to get the gpu detected and driver installed etc but and error 12 occured (not enough resources) Im using 2570p with GTX750Ti linked by EC34 via PE4C v3 Windows 10 Ran nandos and couldnt seem to toggle certain functions perhaps because Im running legacy instead of UEFI Let me know what you are up to Im trying to use a GTX750TI on my HP 2570p. Is it not possible? Would you recommend selling for a 32bitish kinda card? I had no idea I could be limited in this way before buying the card
  9. Ive tried for awhile and now I think I need private help. Willing to paypal
  10. Error 12 question. bump me or message me privately if you can help I think its simple now, hopefully. hp 2570p, gtx750ti, pe4c v3 ec/34, nando 1.3.
  11. " I have now also tried a PE4C, with all combinations of sw1 sw2 switch settings. So I have now tried two adaptors. " Where can I find out about these SW1 and SW2 things? I cant find any explanation anywhere
  12. Hardware used; L@pt0p; HP 2570p Elitebook GPU; Geforce GTX 750 Ti PSU; NEX650G Boaard; PE4C 3.0 Connection; ExpressCard/34 Software used; OS; Windows 10 BIOS; Legacy (Has option for Hybrid and Native UEFI, tried native didn't boot) Progress so far, issues noted under each figure, please help. When turning on the gpu before the laptop the screen stays black and my external monitor connected to the gpu by hdmi doesn't seem to work at all. I plugged the gpu after turning the laptop on and I got the following results in fig1 and 2. GPU detected but after installing driver it asks me to restart which makes it come to a black screen. I am using a hdmi output from my gpu. I dont think it completeed its driver installation upon restart Figure 1. Setup. The 24pin ATX from PSU has a lid on it which allows for the gpu+psu to run I can hear the fans. Not connected directly to the PE4C (displayed above) Figure 2. GPU is detected in device manager, but when I run the nvidia driver it says not compatible or not found etc. Figure 3. Not sure about my BIOS at all. But when I run in Native UEFi windows never loads, automated shutdown. Figure4. In properties of the gtx750ti it says not enough resources, how to rectify this problem? Error 12? Im reading this
  13. Whats the function of the SW1 and SW2 switches? Support two delay switch to avoid registration problems when boot. (SW1, SW2) Also cant do anymore till my laptop arrives, dont want to blow up my brother laptop
  14. I have attached the 24pin ATX connector directly to the PE4C and now both fans from the gpu and psu dont run. Seems to only run when I have the 24pin ATX seperate with a "tester" cap on it, like in the picture. The only power that is connected is a 6/2 pin to the gpu which is connected directly to the PE4C and a VGA ATX 6/2 to the PE4C power slot lower left, also like in picture.
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