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  1. Hey I'm using 378.66 (so far) with my GTX 1060. What surprise me is that everything is working great with the Thunder3 PCIe. I'm using a Dell DA-2 with a Y PCIe cable to deliver power to both the chassis and the gpu. Everything is then plugged to a NUC6i7KYK. May I kindly ask you to use that firmware viewer software from Akitio and tell me what value you get ? http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0kxf2mi5yaxi6b/V1.0.0.1.zip I have : NVM 15 PD: 3.61.00
  2. Hey TechInferno community, Here is a new challenge for you ! I do own a InXtron TB3 board and a Thunder3 Pcie board (I use it daily as my main DIY eGPU : with a GTX 1060). Thing is : My GPU will always end up with a Windows Error 43 within device manager when using the InXtron TB3 board. Tried a driver cleanup, rollback but I'm still have code 43. Any idea ? @bloodhawk @eGPU Enthusiast
  3. Well, in France I had to order the 110mm drill on amazon. Nothing specific here, just make sure it is made for metal and it should get ride of the chassis in few minutes. Once drilled, just make sure to align the 120mm grid and while in place, start drilling one by one the four screw hole. Try to make that proper, BUT, in case you misalign some of those screw holes, don't worry to much as the fan grid can be twisted a bit. Honestly, my two PWM fans plugged to the GPU fan are a bit, overkill.. I wanted to go through my idea just because it was fun and I learnt a lot doing it. what you can do by the way is doing it with only one PWM fan. let us know how it goes !
  4. Yes. Take a look at my topic below. You'll See that you need to get rid of those tiny capacitor / resistance (don't know), in order to get 12v flowing through the two connectors. If you don't, then you'll have like 5v gowing to the fan, 2-3v going to the LED.
  5. Yes. Both ZOTAC 1060 Mini or EVGA 1060 Mini fits in the Akitio Thunder2/3 chassis. You'll need a power brick from either a XBOX 360 PSU or DELL-DA2 PSU (plenty of tutorials here).
  6. Amazing difference, fans blowing hot air outside (72°) instead of fresh air inside (82°) !
  7. Yeah I got this but I don't remember seeing a stability tool in the Firestorm software from ZOTAC. Following your advise I drew this wonderful picture and posted it on twitter to get more opinions. It appears you were all right and I should really reverse the fan flow to get the hot air away and create a depression that will force fresh air inside. Again, update to be expected by EOD.
  8. hey @Runamok81, thanks for your feedback. I might try some GPU overclocking tool and monitor temperature as it is now and with flipped fans. Any particular software I should try (free and < 1Go :p) ? Thanks.
  9. Well that's a good question... I installed the two fans like the original akitio fan was. I must admit I don't know much about air flow, maybe you're right and I should extract the flow instead on sending fresh air from the front.
  10. Hey guys, you're both right. I'm powering the two fans from the internal FAN connector after I removed the two small capacitors. I'm hooking the PWM signal from the GPU and send it to the two fans. They might not be turning at the same RPM but at least they're both doing same level of noise.
  11. Here we are ! Modded the two NF-A6x25 PWM for them to share wires (12v, GND, PWM). Then used a removable wire going from the GPU fan connector to the blue fan wire. All fans are now synced so no useless noise. Any comments ?
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