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  1. Weird, which driver version are you on, i just tested my GTX 1080 with it and its working fine with @j95's 376.19 drivers. Also which laptop ?
  2. It would be sweet if that works. I didn't know there was a way to modify flags using the EFI Shell. I'm guessing that is how the DIY EGPU setup is modifying parameters as well?
  3. Yeap, exactly what im trying to figure out as well. Usually its easy to figure out the pattern and then edit ti accordingly. But the latest DELL BIOS' seem to be a spawn of the devil. Im trying to expose the whole section for now, so that it can be toggled. Weird part is that in AMIBCP, Port 1 and 5 can be toggled, but the moment you toggle anything else, it throws an error.
  4. So turns out his system is different, but i have been taking a peek at the IFR structure of the Setup module, and it seems to be weird as compared to the older BIOS'. I was able to enable HotPlug for Port 1 and 5 , but the rest need to be enabled using UEFI Tool / Hex Editor. But i need to find the exact layout first. Will you be able to upload images of each and every BIOS Menu somewhere? (Please make sure you blur out any serial numbers/MAC ID's etc) Im sure it will cumbersome, so you can take your time.
  5. Dang. Let me look into this. I think a friend of mine has the same laptop, let me see if I can figure things out on his system. Will update you later this weekend.
  6. That is indeed troublesome. At least in Windows it should work, unless Windows is 32bit Or Is there Intel Anti Theft /secure boot/ UEFI enabled ?
  7. That is weird. I read about that error sometimes showing up because of the 32/64bit executable. Give one of these a shot : https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtHvY3vY0T9YrSSOQmoSTK0UI0Ge If the first 2 dont work, just use the Windows one and dump only the BIOS.
  8. Pretty much. They dont quite seem to care. Heck look at the DPC latency issues. Still not fixed since the launch of Pascal.
  9. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/970339/geforce-drivers/372-90-373-06-drivers-preventing-use-of-gpus-compute-cards-over-m-2-ngff-mpcie-/1/
  10. If you can dump your BIOS using FPT , using a DOS boot USB. I can look into it.
  11. That unfortunately is for the P75XZM-G. Which is different from the P75xDM-G. Try getting in touch with @Prema , and tell him if its possible to correct the mistake. There is a way to force load the BIOS through a USB drive on certain systems. Not sure if works on the P75XDM-G. Try this, but you will need the original BIOS for your system - https://biosmods.wordpress.com/bios-recovery/
  12. Can you post the name of the exact file you flashed or the link where you got it from ?
  13. Love the level of your lack of knowledge and then the arrogance. Either ways, if you dont know about something , at least stop spreading mis-information. And almost 99.9% BIOS's out there if unlocked properly will have the Hot Plug function available. And no there is no need to de-solder the chip unless you mess something up. But hey man, you "DIY'd" your heat pipes. You are a BIOS modder now. And to other people having the issues with the GTX 1050Ti, the Code 43 issue is not just a driver issue. Just the fact that the card is showing up in the device manager as a "1050 Ti" and not a Microsoft Basic Video Adapter is proof that the drivers are recognizing it. You need to find a way to enable Hot Plugging in your BIOS for the respective PCIe slots.
  14. BIOS modding does not necessary need a chip reader and its seriously simple to do. IF you know what program to use and where you can find it. And the issue is not only about the device ID's. For the 1050 and 1050 ti , sure only the device ID's might be missing. But since the last few driver releases starting with the 372.90, NVIDIA has been trying to implement TB3 hot plugging (or something related), and that has messed things up. And Hot Plugging not just a motherboard related function, drivers use it for real time detection.
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