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  1. From what I've gathered, the R1 originally supported SATA3 speeds, but Dell disabled SATA3 support via a BIOS update at some point (for reasons yet unknown). If you're going to use the custom firmware, then going all out on a Samsung 840 Pro seems like an idea if you can afford it. If you don't use your optical drive then you can replace that with an SSD. Be wary though, that the R1 doesn't support mSATA SSDs where the later M14x models do.
  2. Interesting that people are able to get 16GB of RAM to be recognized in the R1. I upgraded to 8GB a while back and it was a nice improvement. I believed the manual when I read that 8GB was the maximum though, otherwise I would've tried for more!
  3. I got my R1 slightly before the R2 came out and it's been great since then. It gets quite hot, as other people have pointed out. I'm upgrading to an SSD to improve boot times, but once it gets going it plays any game I throw at it without any performance hiccups affecting gameplay. I'd say if you're buying now that the newer M14x models are better value though. Especially if you plan to use an SSD (which you need custom firmware to get SATA3 speeds on the R1) or if you want to do Intel RST using an mSATA SSD since the R1 doesn't support mSATA SSDs, as far as I can see. Generally though, it's a very good machine. The cool factor in the lights and effects is no small thing either. And I'm impressed my light theme settings persist when I reboot into Linux despite not having any software for it installed on my Linux partition.
  4. Glad to see people are liking the Win8 upgrade in general, I plan to upgrade my M14x R1 to it in the next week or so.
  5. This fix is just what I was looking for, thanks! I'm buying a new SSD for my Alienware M14x R1 and it would be a shame to be limited to SATA2 speeds. Do people have M14x R1 recommendations for SSDs? I'm considering the Samsung 840 Pro 256GB, as that seems to be the best performance and isn't too ridiculously expensive.
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