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  1. It seems to be. I wonder if flashing V-BIOS (still stock, never tinkered with) and reseating RAM would make a difference.
  2. Good day, everyone! I'm having problems with my M17x R3 lately and I'll explain how they started and the steps I have done to try to fix this matter. My system: M17x R3 on ATI 6990M added SSD and in on RAID 0 with the other. How the problem started: I was playing SWTOR (high settings, was getting good FPS) when I tried to Tab to desktop. The display instantly became a series of vertical gray stripes with no response from any keyboard/mouse input including Ctrl+alt+del or alt+F4. I restarted the system and I was greeted by a BSOD when windows loaded. Something about an ATI driver failure. This is the last time I encountered this BSOD. Every restart since then, I would just get a blank screen when windows loads. Steps taken to fix the problem (all didn't work) 1. I tried to see if this was the Primary GPU, so I booted on Safe mode w/ Network and disabled 6990M on the Device Manager. Also updated firmware to A12. Restarted and as expected, I do get display on windows (running on Intel secondary GFX). 2. Did a run of Alien autopsy diagnostics, all passed. 3. Discovered A12 enables GPU switching in BIOS. Forced default to PEG. Blank screen on POST, just gets continuous beeps. GPU problem based on beeps. 4. Did a factory reset using recovery discs. No go. Blank screen when Primary graphics enabled. 5. Redid RAID 0 partition, formatted and did clean install of windows using Dell provided disc. No go. Blank screen when Primary graphics enabled. 6. Did a BIOS reset by taking out CMOS battery, and since I was on it, I also reseated ATI GPU and cleaned everything. No go. Switching to ATI GPU manually on windows gives me a blank screen. Anything I have missed? My system is still under warranty and before I send this in, I want to make sure I have done everything. Thanks everyone!
  3. I have repasted mine twice already, and as time passes the temps go back to the way they were before (90+ Full load). What did they replace when you sent yours back?
  4. You might want to look at an alternative to a keyboard if you are using a notebook and gaming. I'm using a Logitech G13 to reduce usage and damage of my notebook keyboard. It has more keys than the what other companies currently offer and is very customizable and sturdy. My only complain is the plastic "thumbstick" which has already chipped and the learning curve getting used to it. It took me a month to get muscle memory on this thing. Now I can't game without it anymore.
  5. I found this forum while looking for a fix for my M14X R1 woes. So far this is the most active I have seen and it feels nice knowing a lot of people can help each other on stuff like these. Liking it so far.
  6. For anyone who wants to play SWTOR, stay away from the game if you have overheating problems. The game has gained notoriety with overheating (desktops even) and might make matters worse. I have encountered throttle-related lag spikes in PVP and crowded maps. Otherwise, the M14x R1 and of course R2 can handle "High" settings with 2x AA and high shadows at 1366x768. My temporary fix was to disable Turbo Boost and will try modded BIOS until my next repaste. This is on a system That plays BF3, ME3, Skyrim and the like with good and steady FPS.
  7. I know someone with a Megalodon. The earcups are shallow, and if you have relatively larger ears this is a comfort problem. As for sound quality, directional audio is okay, although I was not impressed by the bass response. Also, take note that it is a USB headset. But as with anything Razer, the LED-lit control box is a cool touch and everything you need to adjust is done here without the need for software. I personally use Logitech G35. Deep cups, good directional audio, good bass and treble and robust build. Weight may take a little getting used to. This is also a USB headset and adjustments are software based. Initially there was no equalizer, which has been already included in the past 2 driver releases. So make sure you download the newest Gaming Software if you get it.
  8. Sounds like an overheating problem. It is the GPU throttling to avoid damage thru overheating. Try without any OC at all.
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