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  1. How did you past the GPU ? I believed the GPU was welded on the motherboard.
  2. Flav106

    Tomb Raider 2013

    It depends what you call smooth... For me 30FPS is enough so with your GTX460M which is a little bit more powerful than my overclocked GT555M yes you will.
  3. Hi ! Same thing here... Tested volt mode + 800Mhz and fisrt test with 3DM11 got a blue screen and after reboot my GT555M has disappeared !! The only solution waas to revert to stock BIOS to get back my graphic card... Edit : My apologies, I get back the card when I shutdown my laptop. But My 555M seems to have difficulties to reach 800Mhz...
  4. I agree, that's what the M14x's manual says.
  5. Flav106

    Tomb Raider 2013

    Great game, i'm running ot with my AlienWare M14 x (Geforce GT555M) and I run about 35FPS with FSAA, ULTRA DETAILS, NO TESSFX, NO TESSELATION. The graphics are beautifull !
  6. M14x R1 is still good for 2013's games. I actually run Crysis3 and Tomb Raider with maxed high settings to an average 30FPS ! This is really good for an almost 2 years old laptop !
  7. Hi ! I'm actually OC to 750Mhz. How much improvement can I expect if I try this mod and OC to 800/830Mhz ?
  8. Hi, I made the upgrade a few months ago and i'm very happy with it. No driver problem with my M14x R1 and it's a pleasure to use it.
  9. Hi dude, No instability with my R1. the GT555M overclocks very well and i'm still able to play latest games (Crysis 3, Tomb Raider) with high details.
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