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  1. I already get my answer on other forum, the user "DGvr4" from notebookreview tested the connector with a m18x fan and he said that the fan spins but always on same speed.
  2. I disassembled my alienware to re-paste the cpu and gpu and after I assemble it I saw a plug near the battery plug that have nothing connected to it. It looks like a fan plug. Anyone knows what is this plug used for ?
  3. I'm not in the USA, I'm in Brazil I'm a little afraid of buying another 720p screen laptop since my m14x have a 720p screen and it doesn't look nice.
  4. Some people said me that the ic diamond will let some scratches on the cpu and gpu. Is that true ?
  5. Anyone here already have the asus g46vw ? is it really smaller than the asus g55 ? it runs cooler ? I'm thinking in sell my m14x r1 and buy a g46vw or a g55vw. My unique fear of buying the g55vw is that it is very big and very heavy.
  6. where can I found the m14x r2 motherboard to buy ??
  7. I will do a re-paste on my m14x r1, I have searched a lot in the last days and haven't found yet what paste will be the best one. My choice is among these : IC diamond, tuniq ( tx-4 or tx-2 ?), artic silver mx-4, Liquid Ultra. anyone can help me to choose which one will help my laptop to stay bellow the 90s celcius ?
  8. If you don't use the optical drive you can remove it and use this new space to put a big fan there. You will have to cut this division of the frame that I marked in red to let the air flow pass. I'm thinking in doing that on my m14x r1, re-paste and then overclock the gpu.
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