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  1. I have always had low fps problems with battlefield 3 and I am on a same m14x than you. I would wait for ghosts to come out personally.
  2. That was an issue. Btw I gonna try full BF4 all problems should be solved by nvidia by than.
  3. I really have difficulties to work this links out/ clarify what u mean . Can you please get it sorted I am too exhausted to think.
  4. I have reinstalled windows several times used all different drivers - even now I am using nvidia experience to optimize games I am using 64 Gb ssd for system too (I have had motherboard with GPU replaced because previous was overheating ), I have tried windows 8 (damn crap btw) maybe I should not use 2 hdd's maybe that's overheating whole notebook well I do not get results I think that I should get from i7 and 650m 12GB ram. I have just tried bf4 beta and it is kinda slow I get unplayable fps unless I use low settings and reduce resolution to 1024x768. I bet that will work perfectly on next gen consoles. I also have always been pc gamer mainly sinee I was 4 only got that xbox360 as bargain and flashed it strait away so that does not cost me much (anything) to play games on it. I do not know but I have always stand for PC before but it seams consoles are becoming better for gaming. Of course I will keep PC for games like starcraft 2 and plenty of other games. Or maybe Steam OS will bring something that will revolutionize PC gaming because like u said I got better processor and graphics than next gen consoles, just coders do not know how to use it perhaps. I do not know what to think about that game controller steam is working on. Love my Alienware anyway I used to have phenom 1055t with radeon hd7950 before in HAF 912 case all water-cooled was happy with results but PC is not very portable - had to get notebook instead. I just do not know what to think anymore and hate my job so much.
  5. Problem was solved some time ago for me I have called customer care and they said it is common problem with Kepler overheating - something to do with bad batch of processors. Engineer arrived with new motherboard next day - I got no problems with overheating since, btw i use that cooling pad from cooler master because i like keeping laptop on my laps.
  6. Call customer help line and tell them to send someone to look into it force them to send someone ( that person will earn money for comming and u will be happy that problem fixed. ), whatever u do u do not want to void warranty. For now use headphones you won't hear anything.
  7. I think I have stuck with 650m than because I got my m14x on 3y credit in January this year, I am worrying it will not handle next gen games as already struggle with battlefield 3. Maybe I should invest in ps4 or xboxone as I got another 2+ years before I apy for mine. I am worrying for future. I suffer from depression btw. It was not fair I paid 1200GBP for my m14x when they pulled out new a14 with much beter graphisc just a few months later.
  8. Strange because I did not need overclocking for XCOM: enemy unknown and it works with all detail at high with like 60fps.
  9. HI, I have been thinking if having second hdd may cause overheating, basicly one is on the top of each other, i have installed my 64gb ssd as primary hdd and i have put 500gb sata3 into a housing I have got from honk kong now i think left down corner of my m14x is getting very hot.
  10. I will try that. My m14x r2 throttles down as hell in bf3
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