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  1. Ok after a day of testing, It did slightly improve but it's still not good enough, It just goes down to 2.2 Ghz - 2.5Ghz from 3.4Ghz whenever I run a task that requires cpu power and that kind of sucks, I was hoping it would stay at 3.4Ghz at all times which is what I'm aiming for.
  2. Thanks for the response, I'm currently trying out your settings with the new version of Throttlestop 8.00, I have been using Throttlestop 6.00 lately and I'm not exactly sure if that was the problem.
  3. How's it going bros! Lately I tried upgrading to Windows 10 without a full format and keeping my stuff, after that I noticed a lot of disturbing bugs and crashes and random shit all over the place, so I decided to do a full format, after that my PC miraculously went back to Windows 8.1, I didn't try out anything, instead I re-downloaded Windows 10 and installed it again, after installing Windows 10, I realized how shitty It was handling my games and how poorly my games performed, the fps was particularly the problem. the games kept dropping huge amounts of frames for an unknown reason, I tried everything from re-installing drivers to checking my temps to overclocking and also tried playing without overclock but the lag spikes and the fps drops were intense.. and gaming was not possible on such a horrible unstable environment, so I pre-formed a factory reset and restored my Windows 8.1 and my games were back to normal but yet some of that residue of the devilish Windows 10 remains and still haunts my games with random fps drops out of the blue, that beautiful GTA 5 at high settings locked at 30FPS was no longer possible since It will just keep dipping down to 20FPS for no valid reason and this is how Windows 10 brought my life to a halt.. However, I decided to do some testing and realized that my GPU is absolutely fine and that the main problem was my CPU, I noticed that when I'm particularly gaming my cpu's clock speed drops to 0.77Ghz which is very low compared to my "supposedly" lowest possible clock which is 2.4Ghz (That's the base clock of my CPU), when I'm not gaming my CPU turbo-boosts up to 3.4Ghz and stays like that until I open up a game of some sort, I managed to get it to stop going down to 0.77Ghz by tweaking it with Throttlestop but It would still clock down to 1.5Ghz which is still unbarebly slow compared to my normal 2.4Ghz - 3.4Ghz, I really miss my old pc's performance, I don't know what happened, Windows 10 completely ruined my life and I don't know what to do, I don't know how to fix this problem at all, Please help me, I'm desperate people!, I'm very picky about what games I play based on FPS and now that all games, especially my beloved GTA 5 are running much worse than they already were (I mean c'mon 30FPS ? PC Master race 60FPS pls), I tried the TS Bench test using the 32M settings to test what number I get and I was getting constantly between 18 and 21 and I do realize that this is not good at all. Did I mention that I'm a Youtuber and I need my pc to be running in top shape to be able to record properly, Yes currently I do not have the best PC but for the next few months until I get my pc I do need this laptop working in top shape condition.
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