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  1. Ahmedouvix

    TDP Throttle down to 20W

    unfortunatly .. now any edit in CPU settings cause GTA V to crash .. now i am stock with throttle stop and everything is ok any idea why gta v crash when i tune the cpu with XTU?
  2. Ahmedouvix

    TDP Throttle down to 20W

    My laptop is HP Envy 15 late 2014 .. here a screen record for my system under stress Imgur here are my settings Imgur Here a screen record for my system under stress using throttle stop Imgur This app is a legend. the power limit is 0 and i get 3.2 Ghz with 30W TDP .. i believe i can get more clock speed now? log test - Pastebin.com here my throttle stop settings http://imgur.com/vfUYXCQ - http://imgur.com/h9Qj6OK
  3. Hey guys I have a problem with my laptop with Core i7 4712hq The TDP throttle down from 37 W to 20 W under 70 C Temperature causing Clocks to decrease from 3.1 Ghz to 2 Ghz and some time 0.8 Ghz what should i do and what's the problem? here my settings http://i.imgur.com/Pc1rC9H.png here the tdp Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
  4. Ahmedouvix

    N550JK modding vbios of GTX 850m

    Okay would you share the tutorial you've used please? and will it work with another laptop with same specs? HP Envy 15 q012tx

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