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  1. It was the case in France. Dragonborn landed at 8pm the 5th of february. It's terrific to see how a game ca be addictive. I try it one hour yesterday "just to see..." and today i've played 3h.... Even if the Solstheim island semm to be small, there is many new places and new NPC. The story seem interesting too. I hope to not finishing it too quickly.
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    For me this game is a good surprise. The cross over between an Elder Scroll game, Assassin's Creed and the Thief serie. Even if as dale350zman says, the story mode is quite short and the overall freedom is quite limited. Anyway, an excellent game for me.
  3. I've two coolers for my alienware M17X. The Antec cooler 200 and the COOLER MASTER NotePal U2 R9-NBC-8PBK-GP. The Antec is efficient but noisy ant i had to remove the "glass" part of the top as my laptop was sliding on them. The Cooler Master is efficient too, more silent and it does not require composant removal to fit the M17X. Moreover, if you now the heat points under your laptop, you can place the cooler fans precisely where it is needed. The two system are USB powered (no additional power connector needed).
  4. I'm experimenting the same behavior. I don't know how the DELL teams are working. Many bios problems are not solved for years. Did you try with other RAM ? How your ram slots are populated ?
  5. Hello. I've bought an Alienware M17X R4 WITHOUT the package 3DVision (120Hz display and embedded 3DVision controller). So the configuration of my computer use OPTIMUS with intel / geforce 680M combo. I know that optimus is incompatible with 3D vision and i wonder if i can deactivate optimus (maybe by deactivating the intel graphic chipset using an unlocked bios) i will be able to use 3DVision with an external HDMI display that is compatible with 3D vision. Thanks for the information. J.
  6. For those who are interested, a little video of how to access the whole RAM slots of an alienware M17X R3/4:
  7. Hello, is BIOS A10 unlock on M17XR4 enables to deactivate Intel integrated graphic controler in order to make 3D vision available with HDMI external monitor ?
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