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  1. My reason is being the price different and that I really like Clevo design. My past 2 computers is very easy upgrade, easy access.
  2. I'm so excited. It's been weeks since I've been reading this. I think tomorrow I can download the files. So i can finally do the OCing. Can't wait to flash the card XD. BTW, for the new guys who read this, the reply system isn't too bad. Think about it, if i were to able to download the files the first day. I may as well bricked my card already. But to have 5 post require me to do readings so this helps you toget more experience before getting to do it. So thanks the admin to improvise this and reading the replies before allowing the post
  3. Just read the other post. Unityole just confirm about the 780m
  4. First thanks for the info. Istill need to read it 3 more times, at least to understand it. But my question is how much does these help your FPS? And in which games? Cause my understanding was that you'll gain more benefit from GPU OC. So please help me clarify those two please
  5. Almost cry after reading unityole's post. Nvidia just took the easy way out. I pray that at least they improve the cooling for the 780m. But shame on them any way. What's next 5% improve on 780m and call it 780mx exclusive to apple again? Then 880m for everyone?
  6. Logitech g 700, 1100 dpi, 1920x1080 screen. About the mousepad, i'm too noob to recognize the different so i got the razor's mat one. The reason i pick those was they were available and serve my needs to transport
  7. Thank you for this post it help me getting the knowledge about OCing a lot. One thing though. This safe to flash this with my clevo 150hm? Because in the other post there's something about not to flash with this version on 150hm due to heating problem. Thanks again, even if i won't get the answer for my question
  8. I'm really love this card. But allow me to ask a very noob question. Any one have any idea how much does OC lower the life of the card? The thing is I live in a country where it is hard to find a new GPU and the temp here is more like Texas' Summer. So I don't want to buy a new one every 8 months. And I have no idea what OC will do to the card.
  9. Pardon my inexperience, but in modding inf files, doesn't it mean just to change the product ID to 0000 or something like that for clevo 150hm?
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